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>How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0


Getting ready

So, what are custom post types? That’s simple, custom post types are like a blog post or page, but of a custom defined type.
As an example, I decided to list some promo codes on my other blog CatsWhoBlog. I could have used a good old static page, but updating it and adding new promo codes would have been a pain.

So I created a custom post type, named coupon and a page template to list all coupons. It’s as simple as that, and now managing coupons & promo codes is extremely easy:

Creating the post type

Ok, let’s code. The first thing to do is to create a custom post type. To do so, pick up your theme functions.php file, and add the following:

function create_my_post_types() {
'label' => __('Coupons'),
'singular_label' => __('Coupon'),
'public' => true,
'supports' => array(
'rewrite' => array(
'slug' => 'coupons',
'with_front' => false
add_action( 'init', 'create_my_post_types' );

Once you saved functions.php, you should notice that a new tab appeared in your WordPress dashboard, as shown in the picture below:

So what does this code do?
First, I have created a function which registers a new post type, named coupons. I gave the following parameters to the register_post_type() function:

  • label: Nicename of your post type.
  • singular_label: Pretty self explanatory, the singular label of your post type.
  • public: Allows post type to be seen publicly.
  • supports: Array of data of what the post type supports (editor, excerpt, comments, custom fields, etc…)
  • rewrite: Parameters for url rewriting and general post type display.

The complete parameter list can be found on WordPress Codex.

Then, I “hooked” this function to WordPress init() function using add_action().

Adding data

Now that the post type has been created, you can add data by clicking on the “Add Coupon” (Or whatever you named it) link in WordPress dashboard menu.

You should see the following:

Creating a page template to list custom post types

Now that we have created a custom post type and added some custom posts, we still have to display it. To do so, I have used a page template. You can easily reuse the following code, or adapt it to display in your blog sidebar, for example.
If you want to see a demo of the page template, just click here.

have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post(); ?>

<div class="post" id="post-">

As you can see, the code I’ve used is definitely easy and self-explanatory. In order to fetch a specific post type, you have to specify the parameter post_type=coupons.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Like CatsWhoCode? If yes, don’t hesitate to check my other blog CatsWhoBlog: It’s all about blogging!

How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0

How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0

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>Weekly Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

> is adding a weekly series on best ThemeForest WordPress Themes.  ThemeForest (aff) is one of the popular WordPress Themes marketplace on the net. ThemeForest is owned by Envato (located in Melbourne Australia – in the same city where I live). Currently they have more than 2,800 themes made by individuals like you and me. If you are a WordPress designer or developer you can earn money by selling your themes at ThemeForest (aff). If you know any good WordPress themes that has not being included here, feel free to let me know in the comment below.

1. Horizontal Brand Box

Weekly Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

2. Display

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

3. FlowHub

FlowHub Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

4. inFocus

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

5. maxX

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

6. Moov

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

7. Prosto

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

8. Sparta

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

9. WebLider

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

10. WPress Monster

Weekly Best 15 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

If you know any good WordPress Themes on ThemeForest that I haven’t included on please inform me in the comments.

Weekly Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

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>Post Your Business Blogs Via Email


Blogging is big business these days. No longer are blogs general musings of some person’s varied interests. These days’ businesses too are looking at blogs seriously since they can make a significant difference to the bottom line. Needless to say it has become almost imperative for any business to have a significant online presence these days. Just having a mere online presence will not mean web visitors will visit your particular website. This is where business blogging helps. It can help increase traffic to your online resource, which in turn would mean better business prospects.

Moreover business blogging need not be a tedious process anymore. All that it takes is a few clicks and you would have posted your blog, from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Thanks to the advent of sophisticated blogging tools such as ‘WordPress’. Thanks to such tools you can now post your blogs through emails. WordPress for instance can be easily configured in order to use an e-mail to post your particular blog. This way, you can create a dedicated account, which can be used just for posting your blogs. You could always use this e-mail account in order to check the status on your latest blogs.

Along with WordPress you will need to install standard e-mail software programs in your computer for this purpose. An example of such a program is ‘Weblog Client’ which can be used together with WordPress. This program is specially designed in order to allow you send blog posts using e-mail messages. The entire process of posting blogs in this way has become a lot simpler thanks to these sophisticated and yet user-friendly blogging tools. All that you need is to log in and administer your particular account with the WordPress blog. Once you have written your blog, you just need to click on the ‘post via e-mail’ button which you can find on the same page.

The subject line of your message would be automatically taken as the title of your blog posting. The body of the e-mail message would be then used as the content of your particular blog posting. Apart from the regular content, you can also post other attachments and images as part of your blogs. Building links is the key to success with business blogging. You can always leave your link on other’s blogs, which you may find interesting. You can also mention your blog’s URL along with your e-mail ID after all your e-mail messages. These can be very effective means to draw increased traffic to your business blogs. Business blogging is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to popularize any business. Although it costs next to nothing, it could give you huge returns if done and used properly. With business blogging you can actually spread the word about your products or services and increase your customer base significantly. You must though take care to blog regularly. If you do not blog regularly, then there is a genuine danger of your efforts going waste. You should also indicate what specialist knowledge and expertise you have through your blogs. All these issues need to be addressed whenever you are looking for success through business blogging.

Post Your Business Blogs Via Email

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>Everyone Should Have a Blog! Do You?


Whether you have your own business, your own product, or you’re an affiliate marketer… absolutely everyone should have a blog. A blog is a great tool for getting traffic to your website, gaining credibility with your visitors, building a list of subscribers, building your name and brand, and more.

Another reason you should have a blog is because the search engines love them because they are full of fresh content. Also, a blog is much more susceptible of getting good rankings in the search engines than a website is and even showing up on the front page in many cases. That’s all the more reason why you should continuously add posts to your blog. When you do so, the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN take notice and check it out therefore increasing your chances of moving higher in the natural (free) rankings.

It is a known fact that some of the highest paid affiliates make their money by using blogs. Websites like WordPress, Joomla and Blogger are all places where you can go to build a free blog. And they all make it pretty much as easy as point and click. Truthfully, anyone can build a blog with these easy to use programs.

Once you get your blog up and running, which can literally be in minutes… you will naturally want to get traffic coming to it. And one easy way to do that is by writing articles and posting them to your blog.

Once you have posted your article you will want to write a short email to your list of subscribers telling them about your article. Be sure to include a link to the article at your website and encourage them to visit your blog to read and comment on your post.

NOTE: If you don’t have a list yet then you will definitely want to be working on that.

The reason?

I’ll answer that with a fact… the highest paid internet marketers is that they ALL believe that EVERYONE should have a list. As a matter of fact, you should be building your list with everyone that visits your site.

Anyway, you can learn how to get started building your list immediately through the tutorials and videos at

So let’s get back to where we left off:

You can also submit your articles to article directories to build inbound links and credibility. This can also help to drive more traffic to your blog as well. I would suggest that you post fresh content to your blog at least a couple or more times a week. It you are thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, then remember, your posts don’t have to be long.

Tell me this… how many sales do you think you could make if you could show up on the first page of Google for the products that you promoted? I can surely say that would be very powerful.

Another great things about blogs is that it allows people to interact which is part of the new wave of the internet. People can visit your blog, read your articles or product reviews and comment on them as well.

The good thing about this is that it allows you to see what your visitors are thinking and wanting. And by you knowing this, you can give it to them as well. Also, if you are good about continually adding fresh content to your blog, then you will build a following of people that keep coming back over and over and over again… which in turn also increases your chances of selling to them over and over and over.

As you continually add to your blog and provide good and informative content, you will establish yourself as an authority in your field. People will then also be more likely to keep returning to your blog to see what products you have recommended in the past as well as those that you recommend now.

And keep in mind… the more traffic you get to your blog and the more links pointed to your blog, the better rankings you are rewarded with in the search engines. Even if you have a website, it is absolutely necessary that you have a blog.

As I stated before… everyone should have a blog!!! EVERYONE!

Everyone Should Have a Blog! Do You?

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>Blogger is the Simplest Way to Get a Blog Up and Running


Blogs in there simplest form are online journals that people use to express there ideas and opinions. Whereas in the past people would write their thoughts down in there personal journals, now people use blogs to share there feelings with the whole world.
There are two major blogging services, WordPress and Blogger. Both of them are free and easy to sign up for. For more details go to: Out of the two, WordPress is the better service. But for beginners, Blogger is the simplest way to get a blog up and running.

After you visit one of the main pages click on the sign up button and you?€™re done. All you have to do after that is name your blog and choose a template to design it around.

With your free blog you?€™re not going to have the same control that you would have with your own independent website. But you will have enough control to pretty much do whatever you need to do to a limited degree. If you sign up for a blog. You will have a lot more control over your blog then if you signed up with Blogger.

But the software used on Blogger and WordPress is free. So if you have a website you can download their software and install it on your website and have full control over your blog. If your want to become a blogging powerhouse I suggest that you get your own domain and hosting service for your blog. But if you just want to have fun blogging, the free service is good enough for most people.

If you want to make money with your blog you can promote affiliate products, fill it with pay per click ads, or promote your own products.

All modern word processing software includes spell checkers. Many blog sites, including also have spell checkers. We admit that we are not the best spellers, but considering the availability of spell checking tools, there is no reason to have misspelled words on your blog. For help visit: Checking for grammar may be more difficult, but if you have questions, for more detail visit copy your blog into a word processing program and run a grammar checker. Then repost the grammatically correct blog. Having bad spelling and poor grammar shows a lack of care for your blog and, quite honestly, stupidity. No one wants to read a blog laden with misspelling and poor grammar.

Publishing multiple blogs increasing visitor traffic and AdSense clicks. You do not want to post multiple blogs using the same exact content, but you can publish multiple blogs using recycled content. However, your multiple blogs of the same content should not be on the same blogging site. Publish one and another. Publish a third to another blogging site. And, for more detail visit include a link in each blog to the others. It will increase backlinks to your site, therefore increasing page rank, as well as traffic.

Getting one visitor to your site is great. Getting those two visitors to come back is excellent. You want repeat visitors, because they are more likely to spread the news about your blog, increasing traffic. What does it take to get repeat traffic? How about an RSS feed? It takes a combination of the tips mentioned above as well as utilizing other methods mentioned on this site to drive traffic to your blog. Traffic is the only way to get clicks on your AdSense ads, and you want traffic.

Blogger is the Simplest Way to Get a Blog Up and Running

RSS Feed Submit

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>5 Advantages of Blogging You Can’t Ignore


There are many advantages of blogging if your intent is to initiate and maintain contact with a large number of like minded people. As the internet has grown so has its acceptance as a reliable channel of communication.

It is recognized that the primary role of the internet involves dispensing news and information. It is no wonder that the online methods used to do this have continually evolved to better accommodate user needs.

With the advent of web 2.0 and the ever growing number of social sites internet users have made clear their preference was for more interaction. Even marketers acknowledge this preference and channeled their promotional efforts in this direction.

Blogs have risen to be one of the most popular and widely accepted methods used to fill the needs and demands for communicating amongst today’s internet enthusiasts.

Let’s review 5 benefits that make blogging so popular:

#1 ?€“ The Process is More like Play and Less like Work

Writing for a blog is less restrictive than many other forms of writing. Blogging tends to be more of a conversation as opposed to a formal presentation. There is less emphasis put on grammatically correct compositions. Blog readers are a more ‘casual’ audience and as a result are more accepting of human error.

Blog entries are ‘judged’ more on the content of the message then the format in which it is conveyed. Just getting your point across in a more natural style with the use of intrigue, humor, sarcasm, or even shock is more engaging to the readers. If the post is informative, helpful, or entertaining then it is more likely to be received more favorably.

The ability to leave comments and receive responses also allows readers to get more involved in the process. This alone makes it more interesting and satisfying for both reader and blog owner alike.

#2 ?€“ Blogging is Easy

If you can write in MS Word you can blog. There exist virtually no technological challenges therefore just about anybody can blog. Interfacing with most blogs is mostly point and click allowing you to add graphics, audio or video easily.

Picking and choosing your own layout and theme is just as easy and twice as fun. Your blog look can be changed in a flash and as often as you like.

#3 ?€“ Your Blog Can Reflect Your Personality

Your blog layout and also your blogging style can be tailored to reflect your personality or special interests. In fact it is encouraged to do so to help your blog stand out from the other blogs out there, after all there is only one you!

Also by doing this you allow your readers to further bond with you by giving them a deeper insight into who you are and what makes you tick.

#4 ?€“ Cost Efficient Advertising

A blog is one of the most cost efficient advertising methods available and a powerful way to gain an internet presence. In a manner of speaking it is cheap. Unless you like to spend money this should be appealing to you.

Your only expense with a paid blogging system is the cost of a domain and a hosting service. To establish a blog with a highly respected and popular blogging system such as WordPress will cost less than $100.00 annually.

#5 ?€“ SEO is a Breeze

If you’re interested in making your site easier to find within the search engines, blogging is the way to go. By posting to your blog frequently you’re encouraging the search engine spiders to ‘crawl’ your site to look for any new entries. As a result this will inevitably boost your rankings since search engines love fresh content.

Given these 5 benefits we’ve discussed here can you now better understand the advantages of blogging and reason for its popularity? It is a fun, easy, and economical way to make your presence known on the internet. How can you resist?

5 Advantages of Blogging You Can’t Ignore

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>5 Neglected Tactics to Increase Traffic to Your Blog


This articles reveals 5 simple and usually neglected traffic tactics you can start applying today get more visitors to your blog. Keep on reading to find out more.

Tactic 1: Write Blog Titles For People And Search Engines At The Same Time

The titles of your blog posts are important not just as an on-page factor from the perspective of optimizing your content for high rankings in Google, but also for human visitors.

In order to fully maximize this, always keep in mind that the headlines you choose for your blog entries must be for two important audiences. The formula for blog titles is actually very simple: Write titles for people and search engines at the same time.

These types of titles have to be interesting, eye-catching and of course related to the content that you posted online. People would instantly go for blog entries in which the titles match what they are looking for.

For example, if your target audiences would be the people who are interested in internet marketing and doing online business, an example of attention grabbing blog titles would be “5-Step Formula to Get More Traffic To Your MLM Blog”.

Though you have to consider the people who will be reading your blog, you also have to come up with titles that search engines will find relevant to everyday searches.

It would be best to input relevant keywords, especially those that are being typed in search engines like Google and Yahoo all the time. You can use keyword search tools to find out what those keywords are like Overture and Wordtracker.

For example, if you were optimizing your blog post for keyword “mlm traffic formula”, a keyword-rich and attention grabbing title for someone looking to get more visitors to a blog would be “MLM Traffic Formula – 7 Strategies to Get More Visitors to Your Blog Fast”.

Keep in mind that the title is also the single most important traffic factor that makes your readers or RSS subscribers click and read more. Also, using proper capitalization is a proven tactic to get higher response rates for your blog posts.

Capitalization refers to writing a word with its first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case. Here are a few examples of title capitalization:

“3 Top Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog”
“How to Generate More Leads With MLM Traffic Formula”
“Are Your Doing These Mistakes With Your Blog?”

Tactic 2: Particpate In Community Formula, Groups And Other Blog

Forums, groups and blogs are one of the best and low-cost ways of generating high-quality traffic to your blog. Becoming a member of these related online communities can not only increase your network but it can also increase the traffic that you get into your blog everyday.

These people would usually read at least 2 -3 paragraphs of what you have written as compared to other readers from other sources since they are working on the same line of business as you.

The average visitor from forums or online group will be worth anywhere from 2 to 5 times an average visitor, so try as much as possible to join as many relevant forums as you can and get to know some of the people, especially those who are usually active.

Tactic 3: Use Multimedia Content On Your Blog

Use Multimedia Content on your blog in order to add some color and variety. You can put in an image file or a video, but in terms of content you can use different kinds of formats in your text that won’t make it too boring and dull to read. Some of these include:

-Bullet points

Tactic 4: Write Primary For Your Target Market, Not Yourself

Always remember that you are writing primarily for your target market, not yourself. You have to do research on your target market, finding out what are their needs, problems, and wants. You can ask yourself starter questions like, “What in it for them? Why they should pay attention and visit my blog?”

Tactic 5: Become A Guest Blogger In Some Other Established Blog

Lastly, be a guest blogger in some other established blog on the internet. You get quality and relevant backlinks to your blog, which are one of the most important ranking factors for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

5 Neglected Tactics to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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>How to Become a Blogger to Start Blogging?


The powerful technology also offers fast downloading of multimedia content and a range of interesting features like video-calling and photo blogging. Blogging can get as simple as that or even more complex. Oh and you bet, I?€™ll be blogging about that. Remember when blogging, do not write un-useful content, people love to read informing texts, just think about it, what is it your are reading right now.

The responses I received ranged from odd looks to questions about the blogging practice. Google Blog search has the unprecedented potential to bring the mainstream surfer into blogging, even more than Yahoo’s RSS Headlines pioneered the start of making RSS mainstream about a year ago. For more detail go to: are a few things you might want to consider adding to your arsenal of blogging tools. A company should have a list of policies regarding blogging to ensure that trade secrets are kept secret and personal lives do not become public.

The answer can better help you hone in on your online marketing, pod casting and blogging efforts. All the time I spend with blogging can actually be divided in5large chunks:   Setup and maintenance of my blog: setting up the blog, installing plugging, blog design, In the next few series of articles, I will try and deal with some of the very basic technical jargon and skills that one needs when facing this daunting world of web-site creation, blogging and getting listed and noticed by the Search Engines.

Since of this, you may think blogging is part journalism and part political commentary, and therefore not of interest to you or the advancement of your business. With bloggers being named People of the Year by Time magazine last year, if you?€™re not blogging in 2005, you?€™re going to be left in the dust by other sites in your industry that do. As I wrote in a previous article it has been found that blogging can sometimes have a detrimental effect on a person instead of the positive effect that it was designed for. In the past few year?€™s fads like Crocs shoes, The Adkins Diet, blogging, stainless steel kitchen appliances, Tickle Me Elmo Dolls, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, innumerable TV shows and entertainers have captured outsized portions of their marketplace.

Slogging or spam blogging has thus become rampant among webmasters trying to gain an improved ranking in search engine result pages. for more help visit far the most consistent method I have found to bring listeners to music is blogging. Blogging with Keywords is easy, because you simply write sentences in your blog post using keywords. However, instant photo sharing through MMS or email and fun features like Picture Blogging makes the integrated camera a nice addition to the feature list.

Blogs When I first started blogging on My Space on my personal profile, I gained quite a following because of some strategies that I implemented. Capture precious moments of life with resolution as high as 1600×1200 pixels or in high quality videos with the Nokia 7373 to be shared with friends via MMS, email or even picture blogging once you?€™ve transferred the images and video clips to your computer. The key to learning how to become a Blogger is to start blogging.

How to Become a Blogger to Start Blogging?

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>Blogging- a Great Opportunity for Your Own Business!


There are many uses for blogging. In most cases, blogging can be used for advertising. If you own a business, you can make use of blogs to promote your products or services. The usage of blogging in businesses is gaining popularity because it can establish a business?€™ credibility and name recognition. The Internet is a very competitive arena for online businesses. Many people are now into home-based businesses. There are certain advantages in putting up home-based business such as lower capital requirement, for more details visit to free to work any time, and you can spend a lot of your time with your family. If you want to establish a successful online business, make sure that you use blogging.

You don?€™t have to be an expert blogger. You simply have to know the basics of blogging and you?€™re on your way to success. Through blogging, you can create a priceless platform where you can demonstrate readily your expertise, experience, talents, and your business to the whole world. Now, you have a more effective way of presenting your business to the world and most especially, to your customers or clients. You can also look into other online businesses, for more details visit to which previously made use of blogging for promoting their products or services. If you want, you can contact them and ask how blogging has helped them in establishing business success. You?€™ll be surprised to find out that some business owners exerted their own efforts to create blogs for their businesses.

They did not seek the help of expert bloggers to do the job for them. Aside from enhancing your business?€™ reputation online, you can also use blogging to enhance the web presence of your business. If you can make a comprehensive website for your business and you?€™re able to create effective blogs, the name of your business will be known online. Many online businesses spend thousands of their capital to enhance web presence but if you want to save some money on the promotion of your business, you must learn to create blogs for your business. This way, you can create personal blogs that your business can benefit a lot. Customers are easily attracted to businesses that are considered leaders in the business arena.

You can inform the world about your expertise through the blogs you post in your website. Many people read blogs nowadays. If you can post blogs regularly, prospective clients and customers can be kept informed. You can create a buzz so that you business will become more popular. Oftentimes, readers who are interested in your blogs will also pass the links to their friends, colleagues, and family members. This way, you will have a wider audience. If you can blog appropriately, your business can be among the top ranked in search engine results. If you can achieve top ranks in any search engine, your business will become more popular and more profitable. With more readers and subscribers for your blogs, you can increase the traffic in your business?€™ site. You will then be able to reach more customers so that your business will earn more profits. So don?€™t just sit down and watch as your business fails. Start learning the basics of blogging and post blogs in your business?€™ website. Soon, your business will flourish and you can earn huge profits. Always have fresh blog ideas at hand so that your readers and customers will remain interested.

Blogging- a Great Opportunity for Your Own Business!

How to Make Money With Blog

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>Just Started Blogging There are a Few Steps You Should Take


So I’ll discuss a little about the wordpress platform, themes, recommended plugins and some tips.

If you have just started blogging, there are a few steps you should take.

1. Activate the akismet plugin. This plugin comes preinstalled with wordpress but you have to activate it and get a wordpress key (which takes 2 minutes). Akismet blocks spam comments on your blog, so if you choose to enable comments on your posts (which you should) then this plugin is a must, and best of all it’s a set and forget.
2. Choose a theme. You could use the default theme, but it’s way overused. The ideal is to choose a theme that is very user friendly, with good link visibility, nice color contrast, and a nice and attractive layout. If you know how to design a theme or can change a free theme to your liking, then you should do so, unique content and layout designs are always a better choice than free themes that are probably used by hundreds or more. A good place to get themes is the WordPress Theme Directory. Another one is searching google for “free wordpress themes” 🙂
3. Decide on a permalink structure, permalinks are the actual links to your blog posts, and wordpress gives you a lot of flexibility here. For maximum SEO performance, you should simply choose “” but this really comes down to personal preference as I personally don’t think it makes that much of a difference, so you might prefer “” that is also search engine (and user) friendly. Whatever you choose, do activate the permalink feature because otherwise you’ll have those ugly query strings all over your urls.
4. Download and install the Google XML Sitemaps Generator Plugin. This plugin takes care of updating and submitting your sitemap to Google and other search engines. This allows search engine to know more about the structure of your website.
5. Download and install the All In One SEO Pack Plugin. This plugin optimizes your blogs output for search engine optimization. Optimizes keywords, page titles and more.
6. Install the Share This plugin or a similar social bookmarking plugin. This should go right after your posts along with a reminder letting visitors know they can subscribe to your feed. This way visitors have some options when they finish reading your posts. If they like your post, they will be able to quickly submit it to whatever social bookmarking sites they use or e-mail to a friend.
7. Create an About page. You should use this page to introduce yourself to the visitors, your background, your work, what you do and like and what people should expect from your blog. This gives your blog a personal touch that helps visitors to identify you as an actual human behind the blog. Also consider placing one or several pictures of yourself on the about page (or on a photos page if you prefer) as this also greatly increases the human awareness of the visitor.
8. Create a Contact page. You can simply put up a page with e-mail instructions or use a contact me plugin like Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form. This gives confidence to the visitor that he can reach you if he so chooses and, like the about page, gives the human touch.
9. Create an account on FeedBurner for your blog and give your visitors a visible option to subscribe to your blog by RSS and by e-mail (FeedBurner takes good care of all this). This allows users to use an rss reader or just get your posts by e-mail. Most visitors never return so you should make it easy and worthwhile for them to subscribe to your blog and receive future updates.

Well, those are 9 of the things that I think are most common and needed, but I could go on, you should familiarize yourself as much as possible with wordpress (or your other blogging platform of choice), try out new plugins and optimize your theme. It’s a work in progress, but you shouldn’t let that get in the way of your posting.

You could consider setting up a password protected subdomain and creating a clone blog for testing (or install it on your own computer) because once you start getting traffic you shouldn’t go trying new things on your live site where things could break giving your visitors a bad surfing experience. A clone blog is obviously just a blog installation that matches your actual site with the same theme, same plugins and a few dummy posts so you can do your testing.

Once you get your blog ready to go, all that’s left to do is start posting! You should make a nice first post, introducing yourself briefly and letting the reader know that you have an About page with more details. You should give some idea of what visitors can expect from your blog posts.

Now for some quick blogging tips:

1. Make constant posts. You should try your best to do about 3 posts per week minimum. This all depends on your ability to express yourself with words. If you’re good at it, then post as much as you can, daily or even bidaily. If you’re not, well, then try to make at least 3 posts per week.
2. Use post titles wisely. Your post title is very important as it’s the part that will be most visible to the web. Create informative titles, for more details visit to the words you choose here will eventually make your site rank on google for some or all of those same keywords.
3. Make medium to long posts. Not saying that you can’t do small blog posts, you can and should, but you should try your best to create full length and keyword rich posts. Write your best and biggest posts as if the were articles with a small intro, content and conclusion.
4. Post about other blogs. Read blogs about the same topic than yours and link to them and do your own spin on the post, agree, for more details visit to disagree, whatever. Basically try to engage in friendly debates with other bloggers.
5. Leave them wanting for more. End your posts with a small text about what you’ll be posting about next time. Be creative and suspenseful.
6. Proof read and spell check your post before publishing. Occasional typos are ok, but proof reading and using a spell checker should keep them to a minimum.
7. Have fun! You should be having fun blogging. If you’re just starting you can probably feel a little intimidated or sometimes don’t knowing what to post. But you shouldn’t stress to much about it, just take a break and post some other time. Blogging should be relaxing not stressful. Find inspiration around you.

Well and that’s it, there you have just some blogging tips to get you started. These are of course mostly geared to blogging beginners. You can do much more with blogs and use the blogging platform to create other type of niche sites and adsense sites but that is topic for a whole different article.

Just Started Blogging There are a Few Steps You Should Take

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