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>101 Awesome Free Blogger Templates.


Blogger template design has evolved so much since I posted the showcase of 101 Excellent Blogger Templates and the follow-up of 125 more

This past year, we have seen some incredible changes to the sheer quality and quantity of free templates available for the Blogger platform! From incredible magazine style designs with automatic post summaries to beautiful photo showcases, lifestream templates and everything between – there are high quality designs to suit every requirement, or inspire you in the creation of your own unique designs.

For your browsing and inspirational delight, here is my showcase of awesome Blogger templates for summer 2009. These have been selected because of their outstanding quality, attention to detail, beautiful layout and feature-rich design.

I’ve categorized these themes under nine headings to help you find the perfect template for your site: Simply Awesome, Magazine and Gallery Styles, Bright and Colourful, Minimal and Simple, Dark Designs, Feminine and Flirty, Travel Themes and Miscellaneous Templates.

Each template includes a high-resolution screenshot, a link to a live demonstration blog and links to the Blogger designer/coder’s download page where you will find instructions, licensing and further details for the design.

Due to the sheer number of images, this page may take a while to load. Please be patient – I promise the wait will be worth it!

Simply Awesome!

This selection includes some of the most stunning and well-designed templates I have found. These templates are image-heavy and highly stylized, but I’m sure you’ll all agree they are awesome!

Papelys y Color

Blog Amuki is one of the most astounding Blogger based designs I have ever seen! I was awestruck to discover this hugely talented designer has released some Blogger templates for free!

This is the first template by Amuki, which features a very interesting effect to hide the sidebar. Be sure to check out the demo to see this effect in action!

View Demo | Download Papeles y Color

Paper Wall

Originally designed for WordPress by Indezigner, this theme has been converted for Blogger three times, by BloggerThemes, Blogger FAQs and Deluxe Templates. Each conversion is slightly different but both look absolutely superb and deserve these links to their download pages 😉

View Demo | Download from BloggerThemes | Download from Blogger FAQs | Download from Deluxe Templates


This is a perfect template for anyone wishing to showcase images/templates and the like using Blogger.

Created by the talented Dante araujo, this showcase-style design works almost right out of the box and even includes javascript-based summaries so that text is hidden on non-item pages.

View Demo | Download Showcase Blogger Template

Eden’s Garden

This beautiful template was designed by RayCreations. Featuring a stunning background, stylized headings and date headings, this is bound to impress visitors to your blog.

View Demo | Download Edens Garden

Tree House

Designed for WordPress by Skinpress, this adorable theme has been converted for Blogger by FalconHive.

This theme is surprisingly easy to set up: full instructions are provided on the download page, while the navigation and 125px ads can all be configured using widgets in the layout.

View Demo | Download Tree House Template


This theme was originally created by EzWpThemes and converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs. A feminine and quirky design, the appearance has been considered in all areas and makes for a stunning theme.

View Demo | Download Craftwork Theme

Gamma Ray

This stunning dark theme includes an animated featured posts section and very stylish typography. An original design by Insight Your Blogger.

View Demo | Download Gamma Ray


This fabulous template offers a three column layout with integrated Twitter updates and beautifully styled headings in the central column. Converted by Falcon Hive from the original design by Gopal Raju.

View Demo | Download ImpreZZ?

Art Template

Here’s another memorable EzWpThemes conversion, this time by Gosu of Designed to appear like a scrapbook, this highly stylized theme is colourful yet very functional.

View Demo | Download Art Template


Designed by WeFunction for Smashing Magazine, this Blogger template conversion from Zona Cerebral is simply awesome! Don’t be deceived by the apparent simplicity of the layout: once you see this template in action you’ll understand why I like it so much.

Beneath the header section is an area of thumbnails which link to recent posts. When you hover over a thumbnail, the title of the post it links to will fade in (and out) above the thumbnails. The footer too is well-styled, and while this template will require personalization for your particular blog, I promise the results will be well worth the effort!

Demo | Download Magazeen Template

Wooden Fence

Here’s another stunning conversion from Alvaris Falcon, converted from the WordPress theme by TemplateLite.

This three column theme is beautifully designed with image-heavy backgrounds in the style of a sunny garden.

View Demo | Download Wooden Fence Theme

Magazine and Gallery Styles

In recent times, magazine and gallery style themes have become very popular.

Magazine-style themes are ideal for niche blogs which are regularly updated, and where the showcase of a particular category assists readers in navigation.

Gallery-style templates are perfect for photo-bloggers, artists and designers to showcase their works as in portfolio fashion.

All of the following templates make excellent use of functions and CSS styles to ensure magazine and gallery style themes showcase the potential of Blogger as a powerful publishing tool.


Here is a simple, elegant and fresh template by Dante araujo which includes automatic post summaries and thumbnails on the home page.

View Demo | Download Dreamy Template

Clean Milano

Here is an elegant design with an unusual colour scheme, particularly effective for a business/corporate blog. Converted from the WP theme by Jinsona, Falcon Hive’s Blogger template is excellent and well worth a look.

View Demo | Download Clean Milano

Falkner Press

This design is simply fabulous! Converted by BloggerTricks from the original design by, this features automatic summaries, recent posts with thumbnails, a featured posts section and integrated YouTube embed.

View Demo | Download Falkner Press Template

The Latest

This is a clean, magazine style theme with read-more feature for posts on the home page and split header section (perfect for adding wide adsense banners above the fold).

Converted from WpThemeDesigner‘s template by Anshul.

View Demo | Download The Latest

Photoplus +

This template by Dante araujo is a fantastic template for photo bloggers, designers and artists! Only the images of each post are visible: these thumbnails expand into a larger version using the JQuery FullSize feature.

Be sure to check out the demo for this template: I am very impressed by this template as it demonstrates the full potential of Blogger as a web-publishing tool.

View Demo | Download Photoplus +


When I saw the WordPress version of this theme on Smashing Magazine, I wondered when it would be possible to see a conversion of this for Blogger. And finally it is here!

Originally designed by, this has been converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs and features thumbnails for posts on non-item pages, integrated Flickr photostream and stunning graphics in the background.

View Demo | Download Infinity for Blogger

Gumball Special

A clean, magazine style theme, Gumball Special was originally designed by Evan Eckard and has been converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Gumball Special


A stylish magazine layout from Falcon Hive which has been converted from the original theme by PaddITsolutions.

Features a featured posts slideshow, automatic post summaries and excellent use of space in the sidebar.

Demo | Download


A fully functional template with featured posts slideshow and recent posts thumbnails in the header. This is converted from a template by Jinsona by Cahaya Biru.

View Demo | Download Zitizen

Showcase Light

A pale version of Dante araujo’s Showcase theme, which includes automatic thumbnails and a fresh take on the colour scheme.

Demo | Download

Schemer Mag

This is a stunning, unbtrusive magazine style design which makes use of all available space in a truly elegant manner. Converted from the WP theme by by Blogger Tricks.

View Demo | Download SchemerMag Template

Zinmag Futura

This is a truly stylish, magazine style theme converted from Jinsona‘s WP Theme by Cahaya Biru. With bold contrasting colours, a sliding featured posts section and integrated Twitter updates, this is a stylish and highly functional template.

Demo | Download Zinmag Futura

Cellar Heat Light Gallery

This is a pale, gallery-style version of the popular Cellar Heat theme by Evan Eckard, which has been converted for Blogger by MagzNetwork.

View Demo | Download


Here is a stunning, elegant template which has been converted from PaddItSolutions‘ WP theme by FreeBloggerTemplate. It features a slideshow “featured posts” section in the header and stylish presentation throughout.

View Demo | Download Mahusay Template


This is a tremendous theme which really needs to be seen in action in order to be fully appreciated! Gamezine is converted from the WP theme by Jinsona Design by Cahaya Biru. It is designed to be a showcase style template for gaming Bloggers, and includes a wonderful magazine-style on the main page.

View Demo | Download GameZine

Bright and Colourful Templates

The use of strong, bright or contrasting colours can really make a blog design come to lie. Here is a selection of colourful and memorable templates to enhance the appearance of your blog:


A stunning design from RayCreations with tabbed navigation and high-res background image.

Demo | Download Spring Blogger Template

Magasin Diez

This cheerful, bright coloured theme uses few background images and is very pleasing on the eyes. Converted from the WP theme by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Magasin Diez

Night Whimsey

This three column layout was converted from the original theme by Scribblescratch by DeluxeTemplates.

Demo | Download Night Whimsey


Harking back to designs of the past, this bold and colourful template will brighten any blog! Converted from the original CSS template from Dawghouse Design Studio by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Retrograde Template

Paradise Valley

Fresh, colourful and beautifully designed, this theme by RayCreations is simple yet truly awesome.

View Demo | Download Paradise Valley

Nature Blog

A clean and fresh blog theme, converted from the WP Theme by WebDesignLessons by Deluxe Templates.

Demo | Download Nature Blog

Red Light

This bright and eye-catching template was converted from Template Lite‘s WP theme by Blogger Styles. It offers a three column layout with stunning large background image and many stylistic features throughout.

Demo | Download Red Light Template

Green Scrapbook

Converted from the WP theme by SimplyWP, this muted colour theme is simple yet effectively presented. Blogger template coded by Ipietoon.

View Demo | Download Green Scrapbook

Maroon King

This is a simple, red-toned theme was created for Blogger by Skinpress and offers a clean simplistic layout and an integrated feed link in the header.

Learn more and download

Minimal and Simple Designs

Colour, layout and typography alone can serve as the basis for a great design. These simple, minimalist templates use few (if any) images, ensuring that the blog content is the main focus of the readers’ attention:


This fast-loading three column blog features three narrow columns and lots of eye-pleasing white space. Ideal for micro-bloggers, this was designed for Blogger by Dante araujo.

View Demo | Download Scrappy Template

Extreme Georgia

This simple typographic template was converted from Mentariwork’s CSS template by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Extreme Georgia


Antonio Lupetti of Woork has always had an exceptional eye for design. Typoork is his latest free Blogger template offering, featuring an exceptional clean layout and beautifully ordered typography.

View Demo | Download Typoork

Quick Chic

An elegant, vaguely feminine theme with minimalist layout. Based on the theme by Quick Online Tips and Bloggerized by ChicaBlogger.

View Demo | Download Quick Chic

Halo 01

This is a two column template of my own design which features a unique approach to presenting the meta-data for each post.

View Demo | Download Halo 01


A simple, yet highly effective design which includes integrated Twitter updates beneath the header and navigation links. Designed by Dante araujo.

View Demo | Download Showoff template.

Showoff Light

A pale white and red version of Dante araujo’s Showoff template.

View Demo | Download Showoff Light

The Summer

A simple two column theme with only one backgroud image which instead focuses on CSS based colour and typography. Designed for Blogger by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download The Summer Template

Smash My Typo

Originally designed for Smashing Magazine by Alexander Dahlberg, this elegant minimal template was converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Smash My Typo


This simple green-toned template is based on the CSS template by FreeCssTemplates and has been converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Excess Template

Think Simple

This elegant simple theme features three columns and integrated RSS subscription links.? This was designed for Blogger by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Think Simple

Dark Designs

Templates of a dominant dark colour scheme work beautifully where bright contrasting images are presented in the posts.

Many designers choose to adopt a dark colour scheme for their blogs, though these templates may also be adapted for personal, business and technology-related niches:

Gotham Nights

This stunning dark theme was originally created for WordPress by Evan Eckard, and has been converted for Blogger by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Gotham Nights

Black Power

This theme includes Twitter updates in the header, well-designed comment counts, plus integrated search, feed and navigation links. Converted from the WP theme by Skinpress by Falcon Hive.

View Demo | Download Black Power

Dark Mistry

Another stunning original design by RayCreations. Features a two column layout with unique styling of the different widget types and breathtaking main background image.

View Demo | Download Dark Misty


A dark and serious theme by Dante araujo with a keen focus on each element of style.

View Demo | Download Tagland

Rock My World

Originally designed by Pelangipetang, this awesome grunge-style theme has been converted for Blogger by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Rock My World


A stunning, simple dark theme which offers three columns in the layout and perfect attention to details. Originally created for WP by Design Disease and converted for Blogger by Blog and Web.

View Demo | Download Evidens for Blogger

Blue Diamond

This is an image-heavy, beautifully toned design featuring Twitter and RSS links in the header and a stylish approach to the layout. Converted from Skinpress‘ WP theme by Falcon Hive.

View Demo | Download Blue Diamond


Here is another conversion of a Skinpress theme by Deluxe Templates, this time a dark theme with a stylish and highly functional header section.

View Demo | Download BCute Template

The Conservative American

An unusual niche-style template with a patriotic feel, this two column template is not short of features including: automatic date, Twitter integration and navigation links. Converted by Zona Cerebral from the WordPress design by Jeremy Buff.

View Demo | Download Conservative American

Zinmag Remedy

Converted by Falcon Hive from the WordPress theme by Jinsona Design, this dark intriguing theme offers many great features, though requires a good deal of customization to install.

View Demo | Download Zinmag Remedy

Template Black

An original dark design by Templates Novo Blogger.

View Demo | Download


A wood effect template with semi-transparent backgrounds, converted from Frozr’s design by ChicaBlogger.

View Demo | Download

Feminine and Flirty Designs

This round-up would not be complete without a selection of feminine and flirty designs for ladies who prefer a girly appearance to their themes:

WP Polaroid Pink

Adii’s excellent WP theme was originally converted for Blogger by eBlogTemplates, and has been given a wholly feminine makeover by ChicaBlogger.

View Demo | Download WP Polaroid Pink

Meet the Chef

Gisele Jaquenod’s designs are always cute, well designed and perfectly laid out. Here is her latest offering: Meet The Chef, a three column feminine design with unique header banner.

Read more and download

Flower Garden

This cheerful theme was designed by IpieToon and features a split sidebar, widgetized footer section and unique header banner (watch what happens when you move your cursor around…).

View Demo | Download Flower Garden Template

Nature Gift

This simple two column theme was originally designed by Top Tut and includes a beautiful header image. Converted for Blogger by BloggerThemes.

View Demo | Download Nature’s Gift

Tired Girl

Tired Girl offers a beautiful header design and quirky approach to navigation. Designed by Skincorner for Blogger users.

View Demo | Download Tired Girl Template

Baby Cute

A cute theme by Ipietoon, which is perfect for those blogging about a new addition to the family. The PSD file may also be downloaded for customization of the header banner.

View Demo | Download Baby Cute

Vector Flower

A beautiful Blogger template offered by Klodian of Deluxe Templates, this two column template was converted from the original design by EzWpThemes.

View Demo | Download Vector Flowers

Girly Nature

This ethereal theme offers a beautiful colour scheme, and includes integrated search and RSS feed link. Converted from the WP theme by TemplateLite by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Girly Nature

Retro Book

A simple, retrospective design in sepia tones, this theme was converted from GetTemplate’s original design by Chica Blogger.

View Demo | Download Retro Book

Floral Day

Subtle and feminine, this template was converted from SimplyWP‘s theme by ChicaBlogger.

View Demo | Download Floral Day


This original theme by Dante araujo offers a three column layout which can be easily customized by swapping out the background image. The PSD file is included for easy customization of the logo.

View Demo | Download Glamorous

Green Mile

I love the balanced layout of this subtle theme, which is based on the design by EzWpThemes and converted for Blogger by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download

Water Color

With a stunning background image, tabbed navigation and stylish sidebar section, this template is impressive while pleasing to read. Converted from TemplateLite‘s original design by Falcon Hive.

View Demo | Download Water Color Template

Unusual Layouts and Styles

I love to see new design styles where the author has chosen to break out of conventional layout schemes. We tend to consider a blog layout as having at least one sidebar to the left, right or either side of blog content; that the header section should span the width of the blog, and other assumed layout options.

This set of themes defy convention: some are single column themes (ideal for showcasing photos!) while others do not appear like blogs at all!


Based on the WooThemes template, this Blogger conversion includes tabbed navigation buttons, social media links and stylish sidebar headings.

This has been bloggerized by WP Blogger Themes and is well worth a look!

View Demo | Download Mainstream


Are you launching a new blog soon? Launchpad is the solution to help potential readers subscribe for updates. You can write blog posts and simply upgrade your theme once the site is ready for launch.

This template was converted by ejner69 from ThemeShaper‘s original design.

View Demo | Download Launchpad

RS Garden

Please do take a look at the demo for RS garden to appreciate it fully – my screenshots do not do justice to this unusual theme!

Featuring a single, wide column on the home page and a narrow, left sidebar on item pages, this clean layout is ideal for photobloggers.

Converted from Rambling Soul’s theme by BlogAndWeb.

View Demo | Download RS Garden


This simple one column theme is ideal for photobloggers and designers to showcase their works. Converted from ClipThePhotos‘ theme by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Photoblog


This is a very clean, single column theme which features the post-meta-data in a column to the right of the post body and a widgetized three column footer. Converted from Nathan Rice‘s theme by Quite Random.

View Demo | Download Stripped


This theme offers a highly unusual, fluid layout in which the sidebar and posts are separated by a central vertical line.

Converted from Guy Fisher‘s WP theme by Template GoDown.

View Demo | Download Halfbaked

Dark Flower

This unusual two column theme is left-aligned: a rare layout style in recent template design. It appears as a grunge-style notebook with highly stylized widgets in the sidebar and integrated navigation links. Converted from the EzWpThemes template by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Dark Flower

Tiny Studio

A narrow, single column theme converted from Pelangi Petang‘s template by Zona Cerebral.

View Demo | Download Tiny Studio


Another left-aligned theme, this original design was created by Dante araujo. It offers a clean and simple layout with excellent use of contrasting colour and minified header logo.

View Demo | Download 2Plus

Travel Themed Templates

Here is a small selection of “travel” themed templates for Blogger, specifically chosen for those who wish to blog about their travels and world adventures!

76. Sailing

A bold, bright theme with integrated RSS link in the page curl. Converted from the EzWpThemes template by BloggerThemes.

View Demo | Download Sailing

Exotic Vacation

This is a beautiful, artistic template for travel bloggers. I particularly love the signpost for navigation around the blog! Converted from the WP theme by TemplateLite by Falcon Hive.

View Demo | Download Exotic Vacation


This notice-board style template was designed for Blogger by Lecca and features a split sidebar section.

View Demo | Download Lembrete


Another template designed for Blogger by Lecca, this features a useful integrated Flickr photostream in the header which displays the latest Flickr uploads – perfect for updating with images on the go!

View Demo | Download Traveling Template

Travel and tour

Here is an elegant, simple theme for travel bloggers which features integrated navigation links and a quirky “polaroids” section in the footer.

Converted from Free CSS Templates’ design by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Travel and Tour

Miscellaneous Templates

Here’s a final selection of awesome free Blogger templates which were difficult to categorise elsewhere. All are of excellent quality and truly deserve a place in this showcase:


An elegant and highly functional theme which offers integrated Twitter updates, email feed subscription and “SexyBookmarks” for easy syndication of posts.

Created by BieTempltes.

View Demo | Download?

Business Talk

This stylish blue business theme was originally designed for WordPress by EzWpThemes and has been converted for Blogger by FalconHive.

View Demo | Download Business Talk Template


Simple, elegant and well laid out, this template will perform well for a multitude of blog niches. Converted from Blog Oh Blog‘s original template by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Brilliance


MobiPress in another feature-rich template from Cahaya Biru, with a bold colour scheme and interesting layout. This was converted from the WP theme by Jinsona Design.

View Demo | Download MobiPress


This is a beautiful grunge-inspired theme by Ray Creations, which inuludes a stylized welcome message and integrated navigation links.

View Demo | Download Notebook


Originally a WP theme by Web Design Lessons, this lush green theme was converted for Blogger by Deluxe Templates.

View Demo | Download Hanging

The Business Templates

A professional theme, this can be adapted to have 2-6 columns for all your widget needs. The header image also may be changed to suit the requirements of your blog.

Coded by OurBlogTemplates.

View Demo | Download The Business Templates


Based on Andrew Lindstrom’s beautiful WordPress theme, this Blogger conversion was coded by Blogger FAQs.

View Demo | Download Zinepress

The Clam Shell

An awesome theme with big bold icons! Converted from Michael Soriano‘s template by Free Blogger Template.

View Demo | Download Clamshell


This is a simple, grunge-style theme with a huge RSS icon in the header, integrated navigation links and beautiful typography choices. Converted from the Skinpress theme by Dante araujo.

View Demo | Download Wiking


This elegant white theme was created by Denshou and may be downloaded from

View Demo | Download Papercon


This delicious template was coded by Lawny and is based on a PSD tutorial by PSDVibe.

View Demo | Download Chocolate


Typebased is a beautifully elegant design, originally created by Woo Themes and bloggerized by BTemplates. This design features two columns in the layout, and post data is separated in a column to the left.

View Demo | Download Typebased


This stunning, glossy theme is based on the original template by Alexandru Cosmin and converted by WP Blogger Themes.

View Demo | Download AcosminTech

Night Sky

This design includes a breathtaking background image and stylized sidebar column. Another intriguing and original design by Ray Creations.

View Demo | Download Night Sky


This grey and blue themed design puts the blog’s description in central focus – a feature noted among portfolio blogs and websites – while the blog title is minimal in the upper left corner. An original Blogger design by Dante araujo.

View Demo | Download Vixilus

Tonos Cálidos

Last – and most certainly not least! – this amazing theme by Blog Amuki is adapted from Falcon Hive’s excellent Zinmag Tribune template.

Tonos Cálidos uses the magazine template, but injects this with subtle grunge overtones and a warm colour scheme. This is even more beautiful when viewed in the browser, and would make an excellent choice for a portfolio blog or personal site.

View Demo | Download Tonos Cálidos

Final Thoughts

Blogger templates have truly evolved over the past twelve months. It’s been a pleasure to find such great templates and talented designers who offer their works for free download in efforts to improve the resources available to the Blogger community.

Each of these templates is the product of hard work, patience and perseverance. Wherever possible, I have linked to the download page on the Blogger template coder’s site and – where applicable – to the original designers website (in cases where templates have been converted from another platform). For any of the templates you download, be sure to check the license and adhere to any conditions of use. After all, attribution for the work of these talented designers is the least reward we can offer for their efforts!

If you have found this a useful or inspirational resource feel free to share, bookmark or re-tweet! I truly appreciate your help to spread the word about the posts you enjoy most from this site 🙂

Please also take a look at my previous showcase posts to find even more beautiful Blogger templates which are completely free to use:

Let us know which designs you love the most by leaving your comments below!

Image credit (top of post): Swisscan.?

Download your copy of The Blogger Template Book

Your complete guide to choosing, installing and optimizing Blogger templates (PDF 114 pages)

101 Awesome Free Blogger Templates.


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>Make a Navigation Bar with Automatic Highlighted Current Links


Today we?€™re going to learn how to make a navigation bar for your blog using a very simple way to highlight current links automatically. This method is very easy and it uses only conditional tags from Blogger, so there is no need for JavaScript.

Visit to get this great tutorial!

Make a Navigation Bar with Automatic Highlighted Current Links

Autoblogging Plugin

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>shinySwing blue


another clean & simple xthtml/css design. this one has a blue, glassy header and uses serif-fonts. would be nice for e.g. real estate business. content first in source-code so its perfect for SEO purposes. AND: this one has a text header – simple to modify.

shinySwing blue

غير مصنف

>How To Sort The Upcoming Page only?


I would like to sort the upcoming page on my site by the highest number of votes first, so that those stories will be more likely to become published due to the high number of upcoming pages on my site.

I use pligg 1.0.4 and the arthemia template, so I know it probably has nothing to do with sidebar2.tpl as indicated in the other posts I have read.

I have gone into upcoming.php and changed the part


// order by newest first
$search->orderBy = "link_date DESC, link_id ASC";



// order by newest first
$search->orderBy = "link_votes DESC, link_id ASC"


but nothing appears to change on my page. Anyone have any ideas how to make this edit? I know I’m probably just making a simple mistake.

I want my published page to remain the same, i.e. newest first.

How To Sort The Upcoming Page only?

RSS Feed Submit

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Simple, 2 columns xhtml strict template with Astronomy ( stars and a planet ) header.


غير مصنف



Simple template that’s easy to change to suit your needs



غير مصنف

>w3colors Template


Simple white and blue xhtml template.

w3colors Template

Website Value

غير مصنف

>Black and Red


Simple, 2 columns, black and red, xhtml strict template suitable for personal or blog Web Site.

Black and Red

غير مصنف

>The Simple Guide to Setting Up a Blog


Blogging is a great way to make friends and share your life with them. And it doesn’t just mean friends you already know; you can have online friends, too. In fact, a recent study done by researchers from the University of California reveals that the youth is developing important interpersonal tech skills by their involvement in the dynamic world of online communities. And this is true. And hey, a blog can be in any or all kinds of media. You can have a typed out blog for excellent writers and voracious readers, a video blog (vlog) for film and filming enthusiasts and for those who are more responsive to video clips, audio blogs for great vocal talents and, or a photo blog works for graphic artists and digital photographers and hobbyists. As a simple guide to setting up a blog and connecting with people worldwide via the internet, here are a few tips:

1. Select your host. There are plenty of dotcoms offering free space for bloggers. Practically all online communities and dating sites include a blogging service. MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, Friendster – they all allow you to blog. Other hosts are blog-specific services and are pretty flexible with respect to the media you choose for you blog. Blogger, Vox, WordPress, TypePad, and Live Journal all allow different types of content from pure text, graphics, audio, video, and photo blogs. YouTube is specifically for video sharing. Flickr, Photobucket are great for photo sharing. Browse through and select your blog host.

2. Draw up a list of your blogging ideas. A lot of people never go beyond one blog entry. That is such a waste. Blogging is meant for sharing and connecting with people. That means, you need to stay on it and post regularly and respond to comments. It would be a shame to have made the effort to set up a blog and abandon the project after a post. So, before you go ahead and open a blog account, be sure you’ve got more than one blogging idea.

3. Include online bookmarking tools in your blog. Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit are just some of the article or blog indexing service you can submit your blog entries to. These facilities help drive traffic to your blog and give you more exposure. Of course, if you only want to make your blog available to a closed group, then you can just email your URL to your friends.

4. Choose a simple, visitor-friendly design or template. Many bloggers choose flashy backgrounds or font and color combinations that are difficult to read. Remember there are visually-impaired people on the Internet. You don’t want to dissuade them from reading you, so it’s important to consider accessibility when you pick your design template.

5. Participate in forums and discussions. To gain readership or viewership, it’s important for your followers to be able to connect with you. Read other blogs and share your thoughts. Aside from your posts, it’s important for you to respond to comments and to comment on other bloggers’ websites as well. Being responsive is actually half the fun.

It’s quite an unconventional guide. But the simple guide to setting up a blog is to think about what you can share. After all, blogging is merely a vehicle for sharing and building friendships.

The Simple Guide to Setting Up a Blog

How to Make Money With Blog

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>Secrets of Getting Internet Traffic to Your Blog


Everybody has a blog. No matter the topic or conversation someone has got it covered. From online diaries in the mid nineties to becoming one of the foundations of the internet, blogging along with video and social bookmarking is changing not only how we get our information but also the manner in which online business is conducted. 

This is why it would be a good idea for you incorporate blogging into your overall internet marketing plan. What blogging can do very effectively is to build your target markets and bring you a steady flow of internet traffic and customers. 

You can also submit to blog directories or just ask your readers to give you feedback on something you posted (the search engines view comments as updating content on your blog). For more resources please login on to No matter which technique you choose, blogging offers a new way to connect with your readers. Simple, unfiltered and a perfect fit for today’s internet blogging is a smart resource to have in your internet marketing online tool kit.

Blogs are free and easy to run. Just go to Blogger or, signup and start posting. Try to start out posting on a daily basis or at least a three to four times a week then use these tips to get traffic to your blog 

Free RSS Feed 

Rich Site Summary also known as Really Simple Syndication is the process of delivering constantly updated content to your blog by pacing a block of code (known as a feed) on your webpages. In our fast paced information age, RSS fits absolutely. It allows your visitors to stay up to date on any new information you’ve added to your blog without necessarily having to visit every page on your blog. Instead they view a window that list the headlines followed by a quick summary of what each article is about. 

Having a free RSS feed accomplishes two things besides getting more site traffic. First since the content is updated frequently it keeps the search engines coming back to your site and crawling for the new information. Second it can increase your visibility among your blog visitors. This is important because while they may not visit your blog everyday, providing a feed to your subscribers is a good way to for them to stay in touch. 


A blog network is a compilation of blogs under a sole domain or company name. Some web visitors take comfort in clicking a link that takes them to different bloggers who cover the same topic. This is also an excellent way to get free advertisement and free web traffic to your site since people who visit the network will invariably be exposed to your blog. 

Email Marketing List 

In a recent survey, 100% of online users say they communicate using email. Yoi can also go to This is a good way to send messages to your opt in email list with links going back to your blog web site. Let them know you’ve posted a new article or video on your blog. Use snippets or summaries to entice people to click on the link and get further information. The more times people on your list see your blog the more they will get to know you and give a second look to some products or services you maybe offering. 

In addition you can gain more viewers to your blog by giving away a subscription along with free report. Advertise in ezine publications that target your niche as well as forums and classified ad sites like US Free Ads. 

Secrets of Getting Internet Traffic to Your Blog

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