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>Our top free Twitter resources (Part 1)


Twitter in itself can be very overwhelming, and that?€™s without worrying what tools and resources you need to manage your account properly. So we?€™ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of our favourites.

Twitter for Beginners

We?€™ve divided our list into two parts; this one for fledgling tweeters and one for fully-fledged users (keep an eagle eye out for more advanced tools in Part 2, coming soon), but it?€™s worth checking them both to make sure there?€™s nothing you miss.

1. Twitter?€™s Help Guide
If you?€™re just getting started, Twitter?€™s help guide is a great, if obvious, place to start. It?€™s clearly laid out and organised, so you can find the information you need quickly.

2. Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners
PC Mag?€™s succinct Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners also provides useful tips including how to shorten your URL , share pictures and tweet from your phone.

3. Twitter Glossary
Once you?€™ve set up your account, sent a few tweets and got some followers, it?€™s worth browsing the Twitter Glossary, or simply bookmarking it for when you come across unfamiliar terms. The Twitter Glossary also contains some interesting links to explain how certain features operate, so even seasoned tweeters can learn something new by going back to basics.

4. Twitter Backgrounds
Personalising your profile generates more interest, so don?€™t stick to the defaults. Google throws up a range of Twitter background websites for you to choose from, but we?€™ve picked out Twitr Backgrounds because there are lots of high-quality, free backgrounds to choose from and it?€™s easy to use. Simply select the background you like and enter your Twitter account details to set it automatically. Or, if you have time, it?€™s easy enough to create your own background and set it in your account.

5. Add Twitter to your website or Facebook account
Just follow the simple instructions here to display your tweets and help your website?€™s visitors find you quickly and easily. A word of warning: don?€™t display your Twitter feed on your website if you might go long periods without tweeting because it doesn?€™t give visitors a good impression.

6. Find your friends
It?€™s more than likely your friends have Twitter accounts. Using Facebook’s Twitter application, you can also find and manage your Facebook friends using Twitter.

7. Find other people to follow
Browse your favourite websites and keep a look out for their Twitter accounts, or have a quick search if you know the company or website name. You can also search for people via the We Follow directory, and add your own account so people can find you.

8. Keep track with Tweetdeck
Once you start to develop your follower base, it?€™s difficult to keep track of what?€™s going on with your Twitter timeline alone. Tweetdeck is a free desktop client with hundreds of of useful features, including support for Twitter lists, scheduled tweets, a spam button and support for Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Buzz and Foursquare…to name just a few. But don?€™t worry about getting to grips with it all ?€“ the learning curve is small as Tweetdeck is based around a clear, easy-to-use interface.

What now?

Now you?€™ve got all the basics down, you?€™re probably still asking some questions. How do I get more followers on Twitter? What advanced Twitter tools are available? How can I use Twitter to promote my website? Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts covering all this and more…

Our top free Twitter resources (Part 1)

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>New Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosted email packages launched


We?€™re happy to announce that we?€™re now offering hosted email packages built on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. All Exchange email hosting includes:

?€?    Free Microsoft Outlook 2010
?€?    Access to your email via Outlook or Outlook Web Access
?€?    Mobile access (including iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPad support)
?€?    Enterprise level virus and spam protection.

All our business email hosting is safe and secure thanks to our state-of-the-art data centre, which is manned 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no set up or hardware costs, you can easily transfer in any existing data, and you can also take advantage of secure email access from almost any platform, device or web browser.

As well as increasing business productivity with all the advanced and updated features Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 offers, you can save money by leaving all the maintenance and day-to-day running to us. Our professional email hosting solutions are easy to set up and use so you can reap the benefits straight away.

Whether you?€™re a new or existing customer, you can benefit by adding Exchange Server 2010 to your web hosting package or using it as a standalone product. If you?€™re a reseller, you can expand your web hosting services to include business email hosting or sell email packages separately as a dedicated product reseller.

Find out more about Exchange Server 2010 email hosting with Heart Internet.

New Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosted email packages launched

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>Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set


Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few months and Still, It?€™s growing like crazy. Twitter has surpassed Facebook and others to become the fastest-growing site in the ?€?Member Communities?€? category. Twitter is a powerful marketing and promotion tool that no active blogger can ignore.

To continue our grateful attitude to our readers and community in general, we are glad to release yet another high quality cute twitter icon set for our readers.

These icons delivered as PNGs in 4 different sizes: 64?–64, 128?–128, 256?256 and 512?–512. Designed by a young talented designer Asher Abbasi from Pakistan exclusively for readers only.

The ?€?Twitter effect?€? is on the rise day by day. For all those who haven?€™t yet heard of it, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read ?€?updates?€? (otherwise known as tweets) to their webpage using SMS,IM or other 3rd part applications, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Now days twitter is on top of its charm and everyone love to experiment with their designs using different icons. So again, here we present high quality cute twitter icon set for your designs

High Quality Free Cute Twitter Icon Set

Cute Twitter Icon Set

All icons are free and you can download, edit and use them for any individual and commercial projects. If you like what you are downloading/using, consider linking back to this article. Do not provide the direct download link nor upload these icons onto other servers for your own share (Please link to this article instead ?€“ we also deserve some traffic!). If you want to spread the words, just link to this article.

Other Freebies

Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set

Affiliate Shops

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>Infograbbit: New Premium Template


Infograbbit is a premium resume template designed for those wishing to promote a simple yet stylish online presence:

Infograbbit is available to purchase from ThemeForest for $17 (or $15 for pre-paying members) and includes six colour variations for this theme.

This template is designed to be used primarily as a one-page portfolio site, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution for those wishing to develop a simple online presence to show off their skills.

It uses infographic-style presentation, including some exclusive Blogger gadgets and is very easy to customize to your individual requirements. Take a look at the live demonstration to see this template in action.

Main features of the Infograbbit template

The home page features a unique anti-layout offering visual representations for your online resume including:

  • Configurable overview and CSS3 styled avatar
  • Pie chart integration using Google Chart Tools for easy customization
  • Unique “Quick Contact” gadget including Google Maps integration for your business location (very easy to set up!)
  • Stylized calendar gadget with links to recent blog posts
  • CSS3-styled “Skills Set” gadget – just add your skills to the list gadget for impressive display
  • Draggable work history timeline powered by jQuery
  • Auto-updating portfolio thumbnails, which link to your recent posts
  • Links to your social media accounts, with automatic icons
  • QR code generated for your unique blog title

This template is coded in HTML5 with CSS3? enhancements for supporting browsers, and is compatible back to Internet Explorer 7 (it will display in IE6, but I no longer actively code for this archaic browser and cannot guarantee all effects will work).

About this template

I had initially designed this template in response to ThemeForest’s “Out of the Box” competition. My concept was to design a new spin on the traditional “resume” using interactive graphical elements. In choosing to design this for the Blogger platform, I hoped to ensure required customizations are easy to implement, and that users of this template can set up an online presence using Blogger’s free service at minimal cost.

Infograbbit is available to purchase through ThemeForest for $17 (with a $2 reduction for pre-payment). The download package includes all template files, images, gadget codes and documentation required to install and edit this theme.

I hope you enjoy using this theme as much as I have in designing it! Please feel free to offer your comments below.

Download your copy of The Blogger Template Book

Your complete guide to choosing, installing and optimizing Blogger templates (PDF 114 pages)

Infograbbit: New Premium Template

Autoblogging Plugin

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>Blogging for Beginners: Creating a Popular Blog


Blogging has very quickly become an online activity that people all over the world are turning to for information, ideas or to promote an online business. Blogs have been popular for years, but are really “hot” right now. To borrow a term from the fashion industry, blogs can be considered “on-trend”!

Online blogs, or “weblogs”, were originally used as journals or online diaries by people just wishing to share their lives with friends, family, and other likeminded and interested readers. However, blogs have since taken on a more serious business dimension and are used by all successful internet marketers as an essential marketing tool. Regular bloggers have become an influential online presence, as more and more people are turning to blogs, not just for information, but for recommendations and reviews.

It is not difficult to start a blog, but if you eventually want to make money from blogging, then you must make sure that the blog you set up has the potential to be popular. That will be the key to your success. To properly monetize your blog and make money from it, you will need a large and growing readership, and this should be your aim at all times.

So, how to make sure your blog will be popular? The first thing you must think about is your target audience, your readers. Who are you writing for? Do some research to make sure that your niche is not too vague, and has the potential to attract a large enough readership. Remember you do not have to be a professional or highly skilled writer to create a popular blog. Obviously, you are expected to obey common grammatical rules and be able to put readable sentences together, but you are not there to write the next War and Peace! Blog readers are looking for interesting, informative or amusing topics to read, and quickly get bored with long paragraphs of dull writing. Popular blogs are never boring and manage to add something to reader’s lives and keep them entertained AND informed. This is a sure way of developing a large base of loyal readers, who will stick with you, and provide valuable feedback through their comments and suggestions.

Whether you have set up a free blog on a blogging network like Blogger, or are having your blog independently hosted on something like WordPress, make sure it is well designed, and keep funky detail and colours to a minimum. Remember, the content of your blog is all important, and it must be clear and easy to read.

Driving traffic to your blog is exactly like driving traffic to a website and you can employ some of the same techniques. You can spend days setting up the most magnificent blog ever, but unless you get the word out about it, you will be the only one reading it!

Start with article marketing, one of the tried and tested ways of driving traffic to a website or blog. Don’t overlook social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and YouTube as they provide valuable opportunities for adding links to your blog. There are also many social book marking sites like Digg and Faves, where you can promote your blog for free.

You should make every effort to get your blog indexed with the major search engines. If yours is a business blog and you want to properly monetize it, then having a good ranking with the search engines will be a major factor in your success. It will ensure a steady flow of visitors to read your articles and reviews, and to click on your affiliate links.

The higher your rank with the search engines, the more visitors you will receive, and the more popular your blog will become.

Blogging for Beginners: Creating a Popular Blog

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>Make Money Blogging Income Now – Fastest Ways To Get Rich With A Blog


One way to make money online is not as familiar to most Internet users it is blogging. Many people have expressed a interest in revenue that can be earned by blogging but not have taken advantage of the traffic there blog currently gets.

Learn how to: Make Money Online

A Blog that used to be known as a weblog is a type of journal were entries are made like those in a diary. They were set up in a way were very current information can be entered and the blog is much simpler to set up than a website. Most blog owners did not realize that they could get revenue form there blog so they were missing out on making money with there blog.

Learn Information About: Secrets to Making Money

You are probably asking yourself how do I go about setting up my blog? First you must choose a blog hosting site and there are many to choose form such as or WordPress. There are locations that will enable you to set up your blog and have a place to post your information and these are just a few of the many that are available to you. Also these sites offer many templates that allow you to customize your blog.

After choosing were you will host your blog then you must decide what topic your blog will be about. Keep in mind that most people search the Internet for information and it is best that you choose a topic that is popular and at the same time it is interesting to you. It will be much easier to write and keep current if the topic is interesting to you.

For your blog to be successful you must make sure that visitors to to your blog want to stay on your blog because you have interesting information for them to read. Your goal is to turn these visitors into clickers. To start your earning income from your blog you must find an ad format that will work with your blog and a couple of the most successful ones are, yahoo publishers network and google adsense. You will be given a code that you will add to your blog and this code will show ads that are relevant to the content of your blog. You will start to make money as soon as visitors start to click on these ads. It may sounds too easy but the truth is it is not hard at all.

So keep in mind if you want a successful blog choose a topic that is interesting to a large number of people and make sure the information on your blog is current because you want to keep your visitors coming back.

Make Money Blogging Income Now – Fastest Ways To Get Rich With A Blog

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>How To Blogging Works With Benefits


There are many bloggers earning full-time income from their blogs, some in the thousands of dollars per month! You can learn how they do it by researching their techniques.. Blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order with the latest blog post displaying first. For more recourses
Blogs can be written from a personal perspective such as what you do on a daily basis. Many popular blogs are written like a magazine informing readers of the latest trends. There is a blog for almost any topic you can imagine as well as a variety of authors. You can find blogs written by stay-at-home moms to blogs maintained by large corporations.

Benefits of blogging

There are several benefits of blogging, one of the most popular being monetary benefits. Many personal bloggers find it is very therapeutic while others blog specifically to earn income. If you are the latter, there are several ways to earn income from blogging. It isn’t as easy as it seems or else everyone would be doing it, however, with a little guidance everyone has the opportunity to earn a study income from blogging.

Blogs are being used as internet marketing media. Before, internet marketing is done by placing banners and links on popular websites, such as news and information sites. Links were also included on newsletters and marketing letters sent to the members of their mailing lists. Blogs have increased popularity over these past months.

You can have a blog up and running with in minutes thanks to free blogging services such as Word press and Blogger. It is wise to purchase your own domain name and host your blog with a web hosting provider. This way you will have full control over your blog and aren’t under the restrictions of the free services. However, if you are just starting out, the free blogging services will work just fine until you learn the ropes. You can still earn income with those types of blogs until you can set-up a blog on your own. For more details go on for more details visit to Quick blogging tips.

It is fine to have a personal blog where you write about your own personal experiences. In order to earn a decent income, you should definitely look into running multiple blogs on various topics. It is difficult to earn income from a personal blog unless you’re writing and topics are really compelling.


About The Author




 As noted earlier, try to set-up your own blog with a web hosting provider as well as using your own domain name.

Don’t leave money on the table



How To Blogging Works With Benefits

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>Deciding on a Remote Blog or Self Hosted Blog


So you?€™ve decided to blog, but aren?€™t sure whether you should host the blog yourself or sign up for a free service like It?€™s a dilemma that many bloggers face. There are pros and cons to both, which makes the decision difficult for many. Neither is perfect, and neither is for everyone. Fortunately, you should be able to make the best decision for you if you are armed with adequate knowledge of both. In this newsletter, we?€™ll go over services like and others, plus software that allows you to host your own blog. We?€™ll also go over the pros and cons of each. After reading this, you will know which is best for you.

Who offers free blog hosting?

Many sites offer free blog hosting. Among them are Forumer, Blogger, BlogEasy, Aeonity, BlogThing and Blogates. A quick search for ?€?free blog?€? on Google reveals many possibilities.

What software can I use to host my own blog?

Like free blog hosting, there are many possibilities for software that makes hosting your own blog easy. Most of them are free to use. These include:

Word Press(the most popular software)

Apache Roller





There is also blog software which you can purchase for use on your site. These include:

Community Server

Movable Type

Radio User Land

One negative about using software and hosting your own blog is that the process can often times be complicated. You have to download the software and install it to your server, which doesn?€™t always go easily. It?€™s particularly hard for those who don?€™t have a lot of experience installing things on servers.

Why should I remotely host my blog at a place like Blogger?

Places like Blogger allow you to host your blog there. It?€™s a good option for many people.

The Pros

?€? It?€™s easy to set up and maintain a blog. You don?€™t have to go through the trouble of installing software and configuring it to work on your server. All you have to do is sign up for an account and start posting.

?€? It?€™s friendly for beginning bloggers. Sites that host blogs offer good tutorials on how to make your blog postings, so that even someone who is completely new to the concept of blogging can do it easily.

?€? Most blog hosting sites are completely free to use. There is no need to pay for things like a domain name and hosting.

?€? Monetizing your blog is easy. Rather than having to manually put HTML/Javascript codes on your blog to manually set up things like AdSense and Pay Per Click advertising, you can select an option on most blog hosting sites that does much of the work for you.

The Cons

?€? You don?€™t have as many options to customize your blog.

Remotely hosted blogs are admittedly somewhat limited in terms of what you can actually do on them. You have to stick with what is provided to you in terms of look and features.

?€? The URL you get is always You don?€™t get to have a custom domain name like This can possibly hurt traffic to your blog.

?€? Blogs hosted on free blog sites don?€™t look as professional as self hosted blogs.

Why should I self-host my blog?

The Pros

?€? You have more options and more flexibility. You are able to tweak the blog to your liking.

?€? Your URL is your address for your blog. Rather than having go to where your blog is hosted to read it, they can read it right from your site.

?€? The ability to make your blog look professional. Blogs that are hosted on sites of their own tend to look a lot better than those hosted on free sites.

?€? More space for your blog. Free blog sites usually place a restriction on how much space you have for things like photos and music. By hosting your own blog, you are able to use as much space as you need.

The Cons

?€? There are sometimes problems with setting up blog software to run on your site and server. If you aren?€™t experienced when it comes to working with mySQL, the process will be hard.

?€? Updates aren?€™t as easy to post.

?€? You have to manually set up programs to monetize your blog.

However, if you are good with HTML/Javascript, this shouldn?€™t be too hard.

?€? You have to pay for your own hosting and domain

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both. Which should you choose? Well, it depends on who you are and what you intend to use your blog for. If you intend to use it for business, then a self-hosted blog is the best idea. If it?€™s a personal blog, then a free hosted blog will probably be fine for you.

Closely examine all of the pros and cons mentioned above.

That way, you?€™ll be able to make the best decision for you!

Deciding on a Remote Blog or Self Hosted Blog

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>How to Increase the Content of your Blog


Daily posting in your blog is essential if you are to get visitors. Think about it from the readers’ perspective for a moment. They come to your site because your information is valuable to them. But like readers of newspapers they expect more than just an occasional snippet of information. Newspapers get readers because they come out regularly and because they contain several items of information.

A newspaper does not come out only when the writers can think of something, or “every now and then”. Newspapers come out every day, or every week, even if the writers get stuck. The space gets filled no matter what. The reason behind that is psychological. If your favourite newspaper changed its publication schedule willy-nilly or changed its format – two pages today, 22 pages tomorrow – you would soon give up because of the lack of consistency. And so it is with blogs; if your blog does not come out on schedule you will lose readers. So too will you lose readers if you don’t write enough.

New analysis of web site traffic suggests that the best sites are publishing around 25 posts per day. That might be too much for you to manage, but blogging multiple times each day is now essential if you wish to gain high traffic levels. Yet, this sound difficult if you are only using blogging as a promotional tool. However, it can be done. Here are several strategies you can use.

1. Set up a production schedule

Instead of blogging when you feel like it, blog to a schedule. Consider how many posts you want to make – say 10 a week. Set up a schedule that works with your other commitments. Perhaps one blog every day of the week and then five on Sunday, perhaps. It doesn’t matter too much exactly what you do, but by setting a schedule with deadlines you are more likely to achieve the multiple posts you need.

2. Develop theme ideas for your blog

In your planning for your blog, divide your subject into several themes. For instance, my blog, has seven themes, one for every day of the week. Monday it is about running a business online, Tuesday is blogging, Saturday is Internet shopping and so on. By establishing themes for your blog, you will find it easier to write. For instance, on Tuesdays I know it is “blogging” day, so I have to think about writing about that subject, rather than waiting for inspiration to write on any subject.

3. Set up Google Alerts for your themes

Go to Google Alerts and set up daily reports for your themes. By setting up these alerts, Google will send you an email, together with appropriate links for any new web sites, news items, or blog entries on your particular theme. That way you get notified each day about new information that could stimulate your blog writing. All you then do is look at your theme for the day, then go to your inbox and pick out the Google alerts on that theme and then see what you can write about.

4. Personalise your Google Home Page

Set Google as your home page but use the “personalise” option to add all sorts of relevant news services to it. In this way your browser will always show up to date information, blogs and other useful resources on your desired subjects. Blogger Personalised Home also allows you to set up “tabs”; you could have one for each of your themes, providing you with even more resources to trigger your writing.

5. Allow others to contribute to your blog

No matter which blogging software you use, it is possible to allow other people to contribute to your blog. By giving a trusted partner access to your blog you can get them to add content, thus increasing the value of your blog. Give your contributors themes, deadlines and word counts to achieve. That way you are sure your blog will not get repetitive, plus it will contain valuable content, rather than a one-liner and a link.

6. Invite “guest bloggers” to take part

Have a look around using Google Blogsearch for bloggers writing on the same subject as you. Then, invite them to write a “guest” entry for your blog. Give them a deadline, a topic and a word count. Tell them that all they need to do is email the text to you and that you’ll post it on your blog within a day or two. Also, let them have a link to their own blog. You could also suggest you write a guest posting for their blog too, to help promote your blog.

7. Use articles from directories

Go to Ezine Articles and search for articles on your themes and topics. Copy the articles and add them to your blog, crediting the author. Contact the author and let them know you have done this – they may become a regular guest blogger or commenter for your blog.

8. Edit material from “private label” sites

Private label sites provide you with text you can use that you call your own. It’s like having a permanent “ghost writer” on your team. Private label sites, such as Infogoround or Private Label Monthly allow you to take articles written by other people and include them in your blog and put your own name to them. Although this sounds great, the problem is that thousands of other web site owners do the same. This means if you use the private label content as it is, your blog will not be unique and this will help you lose ranking in search engines. However, if you take the private label material, edit it and adapt it to make it unique, your blog will benefit. Often editing material is quicker than generating it from scratch, so private label sites like these do have a place.

9. Hire a ghost writer

Get someone else to write some of your blog entries. Go to Elance and post a project for someone to write blog entries for you. You will get offers from all sorts of writers and you will be able to select the best one for your particular needs. Prices vary according to what you want, but someone who writes around 150 words a day, every day of the week for you should cost around $175 a month.

10. Pre-write your blogs

TV soap operas have their storylines set up for many months in advance. Indeed, TV schedulers will now what is happening two to three years ahead, otherwise the programmes could not be commissioned and prepared. Their way of working could be your way of working too. Devise a “schedule” of your blogs for the coming three months, say. Then spend a couple of days just writing all the blog entries you will need for that time span. All you will need to do in the coming months is copy and paste each blog entry as and when it is needed – you could even pay a junior assistant to do that for you.

So, as you can see there are several ways you can dramatically increase your blogging output. Follow these ideas and the content of your blog will rise dramatically and that will, in turn, have a significant impact on your traffic.

How to Increase the Content of your Blog

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>Internet Marketing Blogging Tips


While many thought blogging was a passing fad, it’s now obvious that blogging is a practice that is here to stay as a powerful Web 2.0 marketing and traffic-generation toolset – and marketers are definitely profiting from their blogging efforts. Blogs are especially attractive to Internet marketers, for a variety of reasons.

First, installing and operating a blog is very simple. There is no need to learn HTML, and you can have a blog set up and operating in a matter of minutes. For popular blog software, such as WordPress, there are numerous templates available all over the Internet to help you make your blog attractive. And most professional hosting sites offer almost instant WordPress installation through Fantastico in your cPanel options.

You can blog even if you don’t have your own website, by using a hosted blog such as that found at Blogger. However, you should ideally set your blog up on its own domain, with a professional domain name and webhosting.

Blogs are especially important for search engine optimization purposes. When you add a blog post to your blog, simply include a link or two to your main website that your blog pertains to – over time link to both the homepage and at least a few of the main interior pages of the site. This adds inbound links for your website, and may help to boost your rankings in the search engines. Be sure your blog template includes an appropriate robots meta-tag or use a ‘Do Follow’ blog plug-in though, or you may be wasting your time.

The important thing about marketing blogging is that you provide content that is of interest to your niche – not to the industry that your niche is in. You must stay tightly focused on your niches’ concerns, problems, and desires and ignore the rest of the market as a whole. You can’t please the entire market, and that isn’t what you are trying to accomplish anyway.

If you have various areas or sites to promote that aren’t tightly targeted to that same niche, set up a separate blog for each one. For example, an Internet marketer may have one blog for mainstream marketing, one for affiliate marketing, one for niche marketing, etc. Or an Internet marketer targeting the golf niche, as another example, might have one blog that discusses golf swings and how to improve them, one on golfing equipment, and a third that discusses and rates golf courses around the world.

Always keep in mind that the more tightly focused the blog, the tighter the targeting of the traffic it attracts – and highly-targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your sales process and list-building online. In the previous example, all 3 blogs might lead to the same web site – but one would lead to the page where you’re selling golf instruction videos and e-books, the second to your section on golf equipment, and the third to a page promoting golf vacations and packages.

That same example shows how easily blogging can benefit affiliate marketers as well – each of those three blogs might send traffic to two or three links each, tightly targeted to that blog’s subject matter. Yes, all 3 deal with golf, but by handling it correctly you could be tightly targeting 6 or 9 different affiliate opportunities within the golfing industry online.

It is also important that you blog daily, or several times per week at the very least. Don’t worry about how many people are reading your blog. The more you update it, the more popular it can become in the blog directories and search engines. Over time, you should be able to build a good readership, and you will make sales to those people as time goes on. Add a sign-up form for your opt-in mailing list and you’ve created a really powerful marketing & profit center for yourself, one that can generate an ongoing influx of new traffic into your sales funnel.

To ensure you get maximum exposure for your blogs, use as many of the Web 2.0 services as you have time for. Use the ‘auto-pinging’ function built into WordPress to maximum advantage, list your blogs with services like Technorati and MyBlogLog, and use the online ping services like Pingoat and Ping-O-Matic to update even more directories each time you add another article (post) to your blogs.

Of all the Web 2.0 methods open to marketers, the combination of ease of use, low or no cost, and potential returns available makes blogging a must-have tool for Internet marketing, and it’s especially well-suited to those just entering the field. In fact, we’re seeing more and more fledgling Internet marketers beginning with, and sometimes staying exclusively with, blogging instead of traditional site building. Get YOUR Internet marketing blogging going today!

Internet Marketing Blogging Tips

Monetize Blog