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>Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is now avilable for download


Microsoft periodically releases security fixes and enhancements for its Windows operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7 – through Windows update service. The service packs include all these updates plus a few general improvements and additions based on customer feedback. Microsoft recently released the developer download of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 […]

Read More Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is now avilable for download

Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is now avilable for download

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>Meet the team


If you want to put a face to the people behind Heart Internet, we have recently added a brand new ?€?Meet the team?€™ page to the site. As well as our pictures you can also have a read of the management team?€™s biographies and background in the web hosting industry (we have four members of the team with over 10 year?€™s web hosting experience each. The industry has only really existed as a consumer service for 15 years!)

The photo shoot was done a couple of weeks ago in a studio near our offices, and once the initial embarrassment of having to pose in front of the camera faded we all started to get in to it, sometimes a bit too much!

Click here to meet the Heart Internet team

Meet the team

Automatic Blog

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>Fix for Bloggertube Slider!


Hello guys, I hope you understand my lack of time to dedicate for the blog, but I do what I can and try to reply to all emails I get from you (unfortunatelly are too many and I can’t handle to reply to all of you).

The biggest problem that you have been reporting to me right now is that Bloggertube’s slider is not working anymore, but now I bring you way to fix it.

This afternoon I got a message on twitter from @crzyOrc telling me that he had managed to fix bloggertube by himself, which was a great thing because I didn’t really have time to look at it yet.

So pretty much what you have to do is replace the javascript files that used to be hosted at Google Code (unfortunatelly the links are not working anymore) for your own link, you can use any hosting service wanted.

Download the scripts from here:

easySlider1.7.js and galleryvideo1.js

Host them in your hosting services, it could be free ones (please google them) or private ones.

Then just replace the following links:


For your new hosted files.

I hope you guys are fine now.

Please if someone has trouble on doing this, please report on the comments, I am sure you will find a helpfull visitor of this blog to help you, please guys, be gentle and help each other!

Best Regards,

Dante Araujo

Fix for Bloggertube Slider!

Monetize Blog

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>Interview with Site5 CEO Ben Welch-Bolen


On May 5th, 2009, I sat down with Ben Welch-Bolen from Site5 to talk about reseller hosting.

Interview conducted by Chris Lloyd of

Chris: Hi, what is your position at Site5 and what does that cover?

Ben Welch-Bolen: My official title is CEO of Site5. On a day to day basis I’m involved in just about every department at Site5 and you will even see me on twitter and our forums helping customers. Long term I help plan our future projects, improvements to our hosting and services, and the direction of Site5 over the coming months and years to make sure we are providing the best hosting and customer service possible.

Chris: How many resellers do you provide hosting for currently?

Ben: Site5 currently provides reseller hosting to around 4,000 customers. The vast majority of those are smaller hosting companies and designers who host their clients sites..

Chris: What type of features do your reseller hosting plans come with?

Ben: We offer our resellers a free billing manager called ClientExec that can handle all signups and setup. All our hosting packages come with cpanel and WHM and a load of features. We give all our resellers RVSkin and Fantastico as well.

Chris: What type of advertising methods does Site5 use to get new customers?

Ben: We use everything we can! We use PPC, SEO, social media, affiliates, and anything we can to get customers to our site and learning about Site5’s hosting. We also focus heavily on providing amazing jaw dropping service to our clients so they spread our name for us. We have found that word of mouth about the quality of your hosting and tech support is the easiest way to grow.

Chris: Do you do split testing and landing pages and so on to raise conversions?

Ben: Yes we do, we are finishing putting the finishing touches on our custom built system but it should be ready for it’s first tests this week. It is very important for marketing to present visitors with the info need. Forcing visitors to stumble around your website trying to find answers to their questions means you are going to lose them as customers.

Chris: Where are your data centers located?

Ben: Our primary data center is based in Dallas Texas.

Chris: That’s great. Thanks for taking a moment to talk to us.

Ben: No problem. Thanks for having me.

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Interview with Site5 CEO Ben Welch-Bolen

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>Interview with Luke Kendall of Just Host


Interview with Luke Kendall of Just Host

Chris: Hi Luke, can you tell me more about your position at Just Host and explain to our readers what work your perform at Just Host?
Luke: Well my official role here at Just Host and the one you will find on our website is Marketing Manager however, my work here isn’t just confined to the 4 walls of the marketing department. I often deal with customers directly who have ideas and suggestions on how our services could be improved. This could be anything from adding new tools inside our control to expanding and improving the help center on our website.
Chris: You have been providing shared hosting for some time now, what made you decide on offering a reseller service?
Luke: We have always allowed customers to host unlimited domain names but not from separate control panels. Customers would often ask us if this were possible and of course without a reseller account it would not be. Reseller hosting has always been something we wanted to offer our customers, we were just waiting for the right moment and 2 months ago that moment came when we announced the launch of our reseller service. Today we already have over 1,500 active resellers hosting with us and we haven’t even entered month 3 yet!
Chris: What methods of advertising has Just Host been involved in?
Luke: When we first launched the company we advertised everywhere, from magazines to online directories we were there. This gave us our name, everyone in the industry had heard of us and we had a few thousand customers behind us. Now focus on areas we get the best response from including our in-house affiliate program which awards customers with $60 by referring a friend to Just Host.
Chris: How successful has your affiliate program been for you?
Luke: Our affiliate program has been hugely successful, we currently have over 16,000 active affiliates who have referred one or more customers to Just Host.
Chris: Let’s go back to reseller web hosting for a minute, why should someone choose Just Host over any other reseller hosting provider? What do you do differently?
Luke: Our reseller service was built with ease of use in mind. Reseller web hosting is undoubtedly more complex than shared hosting so we wanted to end up with a product that anyone could use. From start to finish our trained techs will walk you through the process of setting up your account. We also extended our help center which now includes a handful of reseller guides and even more video tutorials, helping you familiarize yourself with the WHM control panel.
We are also very affordable at just $19.95 a month, this includes plenty of disk space and bandwidth for your needs!
Chris: Tell me about your data center, where is it located?
Luke: Our data center is located in Chicago, IL we have hundreds of servers there, securely hosting over 180,000 websites on high performance, Dell servers.
Chris: Thanks Luke – Finally, what does Just Host have planned for 2010? Can we expect to see any more product launches in the near future?
Luke: Most definitely! We are always busy working on new ideas and we already have something big planned for this year. We don’t like to give too much away though so hold tight and we will keep you posted!
Chris: Sounds very promising, please do keep us informed. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Luke.
Luke: No problem, thanks for having me!

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Interview with Luke Kendall of Just Host

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>Reseller Hosting, a Re-Born Industry


by Dimitar Avramov, Daw Web Hosting Blog

“Reseller Hosting” is a fictional concept. It’s always been a marketing term not a technical specification.

Unlike other broad used web hosting terms like “Shared Hosting”, “VPS Hosting”, “Dedicated Hosting”, “Managed Hosting” or even “Budget” and “E-Commerce” hosting, the term “Reseller” lacks technical specification or specific set up that would distinguish it as a hosting type. But at the same time “Reseller Hosting” is a multi-million dollar industry.

Why? The reason is simple. A relatively small change in any web hosting automation software allows individuals who cannot afford to invest in their own web hosting infrastructure or do not have skills in managing web servers to establish their own web hosting brand. Shared, VPS, Dedicated or any kind of web hosting service can be resold. All the Reseller newbie needs is the ambition and skills to market itself on the web.

How a Reseller account gave birth to two web hosting companies?

I’ve been managing a web hosting company for seven years now. I entered the web hosting market as a small web design studio, founded by two guys in Bulgaria. There was no venture capital or other significant investment behind our beginnings. We needed to find a Shared Hosting service for our web address ( and initially signed up with a company called Addr. However it wasn’t acceptable for us to wait 48 hours to get response on our technical support tickets. It sounds ridiculous today but my first web host used to respond our tickets within 24 – 48 hours.

There weren’t that many web hosts at the time so we didn’t have many options. One day we were emailed by someone who said he could provide a decent service and promised to respond promptly on our tickets. It didn’t take us a long to decide to make a move. The guy who emailed us started his business as Alabanza reseller. Today he owns a reputable Shared hosting provider called ICDSoft. His company still answers promptly to support tickets, sticking to his promise from many years ago. However, we decided to leave because our client portfolio had grown very fast. We needed a dedicated server and RackShack (today it’s named ThePlanet) was the company that attracted our attention because of their aggressive pricing model. The dedicated server we got from them gave a birth to Host Color, a popular name in today’s hosting industry.

This is my story. You can see how an email sent to someone eight years ago made it possible for a web hosting provider to be created. The email was sent by someone with a Reseller account. When he began searching for clients he didn’t operate his own equipment and didn’t know much about server administration. But this didn’t stop him from creating a web hosting company.

The above story isn’t unique in the web hosting industry. If we decide to interview 100 owners of Shared hosting companies we will find out that a lot of them have entered the web hosting market as resellers. Even if it is not unique, the story is a good example that anyone who has a spirit of entrepreneurship inside and a certain skills in selling and doing web marketing can easily create an online company, a web hosting provider in particular.

Is Overselling Killing Reseller Hosting?

The Reseller Hosting inherently tied to Shared Hosting. Most of those who operate reseller hosting brands sell low cost shared hosting services. Their business is on the verge of vanishing into a niche as part of the evolution of the web hosting industry.

Since 2006 the hosting market has grown substantially and thousands of new web hosting providers have emerged. The prices of Dedicated and Managed hosting have gone down. Today anyone can get a low-end rack-mountable server for less than $70/month and to run their own boutique web hosting company.

Virtualization and the rapid development of various VPS Hosting technologies made the reseller hosting accounts look outdated. However the thing that’s killing “Reseller Hosting” is the overselling trend in Shared Hosting market. When web hosts began offering “Unlimited disk space” and “Unlimited data transfer” for $7 per month or even for less it has become unnecessary to buy a reseller plan.

It is impossible to compete with Shared Hosting providers who sell “Unlimited web hosting” when you have a limited amount of resources in your pocket. If anyone buys a Reseller Hosting plan which features 50 GB disk space on the server and 250 GB data transfer per month, they can create 10 shared hosting accounts, each of them featuring 5 GB disk space and 25 GB data transfer per month. So the reseller might try to sell these 10 accounts but it will be very hard for them to compete with their own web hosting provider because they can’t make the same “Unlimited” offer.

Reseller hosting is born again.

A small, but very significant change in the concept of producing and delivering computer resources saved the reseller hosting niche. It’s name is Cloud computing. The new networking model of producing and delivering computer services form a highly available and scalable computing infrastructure brings Reseller Hosting to another level. Resellers are born again!

The “Cloud” is an excellent chance for anyone involved in Reseller Hosting to abandon the traditional way of selling web hosting services and to become part of the new Cloud hosting industry. And those who decide to move forward can stay in the Reseller market and even grow as a business. Those who decide to keep going in the same direction by selling services the old way might see that their business will be gone.

Dimitar Avramov has 10 years experience in the web hosting industry.
He is a founder and former CEO of Host Color ( Since
2006 he’s worked as a journalist and business consultant to dot-com businesses. He is an owner of the popular web hosting blog
Since August 2008 he is a CEO of Single OS, a company that produces Fuscan Linux cloud hosting platform.

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Reseller Hosting, a Re-Born Industry

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>Thanks to Mashable’s Socially Savvy Supporters


Thanks to this week?€™s advertisers and partners for enabling us to bring you the latest social media news and resources. Mashable’s sponsors are as social media savvy as our readers!

Advertise with us and get noticed.

Help us to help you. Mashable is seeking out site sponsors for our large, diverse audience — social media users, venture capitalists, early adopters, developers, bloggers and many more. You’ll receive hundreds of thousands of views a day in addition to weekly recognition as part of our “thank you” to our premium sponsors. Are you interested? Contact us for more information and to receive our media kit and rate card.

This week, our valued sponsors are bmi, IGLOO, Webtrends Mobile Analytics, IDG, Yield Software, Clickatell, Influxis, Microsoft BizSpark, MailChimp, Sun Startup Essentials, MaxCDN and Eventbrite.

bmi is the second largest airline at London Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest and best-connected international airports. From our Heathrow hub we operate services in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

bmi’s global reach is further extended by being a member of Star Alliance, a grouping of 27 International airlines offering customers a worldwide network and a smooth integrated travel experience. Overall, Star Alliance offers more than 21,050 daily flights to 1,167 destinations in 181 countries.

bmi is committed to using technology such as E-ticketing, Online Booking, Self Check-in at the airport and via the internet, helping to smooth and speed up the pre-flight experience. This, combined with streamlined behind-the-scenes processes and procedures, means the airline can boast one of the best punctuality records of any airline operating in the UK.

bmi is part of the Lufthansa family of airlines, bringing us closer and even stronger partnerships with some of Europe’s major carriers.

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IGLOO is a social software company that builds online communities for business. Uniting content management, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools within one secure social networking platform, IGLOO enables organizations to overcome the barriers to communication and collaboration that emerge because of size. Whether the obstacles are organizational or geographic, a more open and connected business improves employee productivity (Workplace Communities) and helps to foster better relationships with customers, partners and suppliers (Marketplace Communities). Learn more about how IGLOO is socializing the workplace and helping organizations build successful online communities through the IGLOO Social Media Playbook.

Webtrends Mobile Analytics lets you to monitor the adoption and usage of your mobile apps and mobile sites. It provides near limitless customization in terms of the data gathered and depth of analysis across iPhone, Android and Blackberry. And the data resides side-by-side with your website analytics. To keep up with Webtrends Mobile, add our blog to your RSS reader.

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Clickatell offers mobile social networks the opportunity to measure their return on investment. Not only does Clickatell offer an Interactive Campaign Manager tool that allows you to monitor and intervene in your customer campaigns in real time, it also generates and manages database integration and comes with additional marketing tools. Track the delivery status of your text messages and the responses; take the guesswork out of campaigning. Your valuable messages will always be delivered as our products allow for message escalation to alternative delivery gateways. Social networks are also, through the account management package, given control over network channels and connectivity options. All necessary tasks have been automated and our central interface allows you to manage multiple connections and projects at the same time.

Which leading social networking companies have chosen Clickatell as a mobile messaging partner? Read our success stories here.

Influxis is an official Adobe hosting partner and resource for the Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server. Influxis provides Flash hosting plans for all levels of use ?€“ beginner to enterprise. With a reputation for exceptional customer service, Influxis provides an extremely reliable international network of FMS servers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.


BizSpark is a program which offers new software businesses and entrepreneurs access to Microsoft design, development and production tools with no upfront costs for up to three years. Members can also connect with a nationwide community of Network Partners ?€“ investors, incubators, service providers and entrepreneurial organizations ?€“ who are keen to help.

For more information or to connect with a Microsoft BizSpark advisor, please visit


MailChimp is a powerful, easy-to-use e-mail marketing service. You design, me deliver.

If you’re working for a startup, Sun can help you get it off the ground fast. We created the fee-free Sun Startup Essentials program offering deep discounts on industry-leading, power efficient systems and storage products, optimized open-source software, massively scalable Web hosting services, plus free visibility via Sun’s co-marketing engine. It’s time to build your business on the kind of infrastructure that can scale right along with the skyrocketing demands of success. Find out about Sun Startup Essentials today!

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<img class="alignn
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Rackspace is the better way to do hosting. No more worrying about web hosting uptime. No more spending your time, energy and resources trying to stay on top of things like patching, updating, monitoring, backing up data and the like. Learn why.

iStockphoto offers easy, affordable inspiration with millions of safe, royalty-free photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash® files. Using the most accurate search in the business, customers download a file at least every second from a collection of more than five million files for business, marketing and personal projects. iStockphoto started in 2000, pioneering the micropayment photography business model and has become one of the most successful and profitable user-generated content sites in the world. iStockphoto pays out approximately $1.2 million weekly in artist royalties. iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images. Mashable readers save 10%.

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We can get your name out there.

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Reviews: Android, Apps, Digg, Mashable, blog, iStockphoto, social media

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>The Simple Guide to Setting Up a Blog


Blogging is a great way to make friends and share your life with them. And it doesn’t just mean friends you already know; you can have online friends, too. In fact, a recent study done by researchers from the University of California reveals that the youth is developing important interpersonal tech skills by their involvement in the dynamic world of online communities. And this is true. And hey, a blog can be in any or all kinds of media. You can have a typed out blog for excellent writers and voracious readers, a video blog (vlog) for film and filming enthusiasts and for those who are more responsive to video clips, audio blogs for great vocal talents and, or a photo blog works for graphic artists and digital photographers and hobbyists. As a simple guide to setting up a blog and connecting with people worldwide via the internet, here are a few tips:

1. Select your host. There are plenty of dotcoms offering free space for bloggers. Practically all online communities and dating sites include a blogging service. MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, Friendster – they all allow you to blog. Other hosts are blog-specific services and are pretty flexible with respect to the media you choose for you blog. Blogger, Vox, WordPress, TypePad, and Live Journal all allow different types of content from pure text, graphics, audio, video, and photo blogs. YouTube is specifically for video sharing. Flickr, Photobucket are great for photo sharing. Browse through and select your blog host.

2. Draw up a list of your blogging ideas. A lot of people never go beyond one blog entry. That is such a waste. Blogging is meant for sharing and connecting with people. That means, you need to stay on it and post regularly and respond to comments. It would be a shame to have made the effort to set up a blog and abandon the project after a post. So, before you go ahead and open a blog account, be sure you’ve got more than one blogging idea.

3. Include online bookmarking tools in your blog. Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit are just some of the article or blog indexing service you can submit your blog entries to. These facilities help drive traffic to your blog and give you more exposure. Of course, if you only want to make your blog available to a closed group, then you can just email your URL to your friends.

4. Choose a simple, visitor-friendly design or template. Many bloggers choose flashy backgrounds or font and color combinations that are difficult to read. Remember there are visually-impaired people on the Internet. You don’t want to dissuade them from reading you, so it’s important to consider accessibility when you pick your design template.

5. Participate in forums and discussions. To gain readership or viewership, it’s important for your followers to be able to connect with you. Read other blogs and share your thoughts. Aside from your posts, it’s important for you to respond to comments and to comment on other bloggers’ websites as well. Being responsive is actually half the fun.

It’s quite an unconventional guide. But the simple guide to setting up a blog is to think about what you can share. After all, blogging is merely a vehicle for sharing and building friendships.

The Simple Guide to Setting Up a Blog

How to Make Money With Blog

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>5 Brand-Building Secrets Through Blogging


Technorati recently completed its 2008 State of the Blogosphere report, which contains some interesting information about the correlation between blogs and brand building. The report shows that bloggers are interested in talking about brands. So if you’re looking for ways to build your brand, make friends with some bloggers!

Blogging is, at its heart, a place for people to share information about themselves and about their lives. If people have good experiences, they blog about them. If they have bad experiences, they blog about those, too. This includes experiences with businesses both online and in real life. If bloggers encounter a product or service that they find phenomenal, they will blog about it. Same goes for products or services that they find abysmal. In fact, nearly 80 percent of bloggers talk about brands and/or products that they love or hate, and 37 percent of them do so on a frequent basis. Many businesses have taken advantage of this publicity. In fact, one-third of all bloggers have been asked to act as brand advocates.

This may seem silly given that anyone can maintain a blog. Why should internet users trust a blog over any other source of information? Why are bloggers any more credible that anyone else? The truth is that bloggers primarily look to blogs for information rather than to other sources. In fact, 49 percent of bloggers believe that blogs are just as reliable as mainstream media for getting information.

The point here is that blogs are a great resource to explore when you are trying to build your brand. Here are 5 things to keep in mind regarding blogs and brand-building.

1. Blogs are Credible. Some marketers are concerned about the possibility of having their brand show up on a blog because they are afraid that the blog might not be credible. Rest assured that, although they are often informal, blogs are often seen as legitimate sources of good information. In fact, many large corporations include blog-mentions among the press included on their websites.

2. Blog Discussions are Natural. If a brand or product makes an impact on a blogger, he or she will probably mention it on a blog. Some companies even ask bloggers to review products and introduce new products. Many bloggers already include ads on their blogs, so they will probably be happy to include information about your product or service as well, given that they find it worth mentioning.

3. Bloggers are Bright. As a whole, bloggers are both educated and affluent. In fact, 75% of bloggers also graduated from college and 42% have attended at least some graduate school. More than half of them are part of a household than brings in over $75,000. These are good people to know from a marketing standpoint. They’re savvy and they have a lot of money to spend. These are people you want on your team.

4. Bloggers Read Other Blogs. Bloggers get most of their information from other bloggers; so if you want to get noticed, you need to make sure that you become visible on a blog. Keep in mind that, not only do bloggers read other blogs regularly, bloggers also use blogs as their primary source of information about brands and products. This is obviously a great way to make yourself visible and to attract the attention of potential customers.

5. Your Competitors are Doing It! Since so many companies are already asking bloggers to act as brand advocates, chances are that your competitors are already among those taking advantage of blogs as brand builders. Do yourself a favor and start using blogs to build your brand or you could find yourself out in the cold!

If your image of a blogger is a pimply-faced teenager sitting in his basement writing about his latest conspiracy theory, you need to update your perceptions. Bloggers are a bright group who look to each for information. Use them in your brand-building efforts and you’ll see results!

5 Brand-Building Secrets Through Blogging

WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

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>A Beginner’S Guide To Blogging


The purpose of this brief article is to leave you with several beginner’s tips to blogging.  If you are considering starting up your own blog, you will hopefully find the following information useful.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular these days, and it seems as though nearly everyone has their individual blog. From adolescents to seniors, everyone seems to feel the need to share their opinions with others. People may have very different reasons to create a blog, including connecting with other people who share synonymous views, sharing new knowledge, providing themselves with an outlet for their ideas and writing, and increasingly, to earn money.

There are two evenly significant concepts involved in creating and sustaining your own blog. The first is the creation of the blog itself; the second is checking that your blog stays current and does not simply fall off the grid from negligence. The second is very important if your intention in creating your blog is to make money. For many, making money is the sole function of the blog.

The first needed step to creating a blog is to sign up with a blogging service. Examples of these are WordPress or Blogger. If your aim for the blog is to establish revenue, the appearance of your blog is very important – no one will want to look at your blog if the website is unappealing to the eye. In addition, many blogging services make it simple for you to use Google Adsense on your blog, a bonus that should not be ignored if you are trying to make money from your blog.

The second step to successful (and lucrative) blogging is keeping your blog fresh by updating your blog on a regular basis with new entries and images. This will help to keep those who have seen your blog interested, so that they come back regularly. There are a couple of methods you can utilize to help you in maintaining your blog. One such method is creating a blogging schedule, or creating certain dates to add original content. It is important that you follow your schedule. This is easy to do if you write new posts beforehand, instead of waiting until the last minute. Try brainstorming and writing down all of your ideas, then pick the best idea from among them.

These tips are introduced as the tip of a very large iceberg, but can start you on your path to creating your own blog.

A Beginner’S Guide To Blogging