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>Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set


Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few months and Still, It?€™s growing like crazy. Twitter has surpassed Facebook and others to become the fastest-growing site in the ?€?Member Communities?€? category. Twitter is a powerful marketing and promotion tool that no active blogger can ignore.

To continue our grateful attitude to our readers and community in general, we are glad to release yet another high quality cute twitter icon set for our readers.

These icons delivered as PNGs in 4 different sizes: 64?–64, 128?–128, 256?256 and 512?–512. Designed by a young talented designer Asher Abbasi from Pakistan exclusively for readers only.

The ?€?Twitter effect?€? is on the rise day by day. For all those who haven?€™t yet heard of it, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read ?€?updates?€? (otherwise known as tweets) to their webpage using SMS,IM or other 3rd part applications, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Now days twitter is on top of its charm and everyone love to experiment with their designs using different icons. So again, here we present high quality cute twitter icon set for your designs

High Quality Free Cute Twitter Icon Set

Cute Twitter Icon Set

All icons are free and you can download, edit and use them for any individual and commercial projects. If you like what you are downloading/using, consider linking back to this article. Do not provide the direct download link nor upload these icons onto other servers for your own share (Please link to this article instead ?€“ we also deserve some traffic!). If you want to spread the words, just link to this article.

Other Freebies

Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set

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>Successfully Launching a Blog in 6 Simple Steps


Setting up and launching a blog is relatively easy. However immediately before and after the launch certain steps should be taken and proper blogging habits should be established. These steps and habits will help maximize the amount of success you experience during the critical infancy stages of your blog.

Here’s a checklist to help insure your blog is both properly prepared and maintained:

Step #1 – Focus on the Setup

In your rush or excitement to launch your blog don’t forget to insure your setup is complete and working properly. You should have your RSS feed working correctly and be sure your site is optimized for the search engines. Also don’t forget to check that you’re able to ping the blog search engines with every new blog post.
No matter how good your design may look, if you are not correctly ‘broadcasting’ your blog or optimized nobody will know you exist.

Step #2 -Establish Your Blog Theme

At this point you should already have chosen a blog theme or topic which you will blog about. Remember this topic and stay with it CONSISTENTLY as you post. Wandering off onto other subjects will only confuse your readers and the search engines. People came to your blog and returned because they were interested in the topic. To change that now would only make them lose interest in your blog and leave permanently.

Step #3 – Post with Predictable Regularity

In the initial stages it is recommended that you post frequently to get noticed and build up the flow of traffic to your blog. However often you decide to post make an effort to maintain that schedule. This will help establish a regimen for both yourself and your readers.

Step # 4 – Encourage Comments

Encouraging the interaction of your readers will only make your blog more popular. By exchanging comments and responses a sense of community will develop. Not to be overlooked in this process is the important feedback a blog owner can receive and use to improve the blog.

Step # 5 – Say More with Less Words

People generally skim for news and information whether online or off. Make it easy for your readers by being concise and to the point with your post.

Step # 6 – Show some Personality

Take advantage of the ‘forum’ a blog gives you and let your writings reflect your attitude, humor, flair, or uniqueness. This will help your readers identify with you while also injecting some life into what could otherwise sometimes be a ‘ho hum’ blog post.

While setting up and launching a blog can take relatively little time don’t expect to establish regular traffic just as quickly. Time must be given for word about your blog to circulate. It’s during this time that you must continue to add good content and interact with your readers. Your consistency in doing so will be reflected in future traffic to your blog. To your blogging Success!

Successfully Launching a Blog in 6 Simple Steps

How to Make Money With Blog

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>Ways of Making Money From Your Blog!


Can you imagine earning money for expressing yourself? It may sound too good to be true, but there are plenty of people already doing it. They are Internet bloggers, and they may be working either as individuals or as corporate employees, trying to build customer relationships which will improve both their market shares and their profit margins.

Can you support yourself with a simple blog? Well, if you have the right blog on the right topic, yes. But just any blog will not do it. For more detail go to: blog has to offer something which will attract an audience, because money-making Blogs are, first and foremost, advertising vehicles. For more details go to. Maybe you blog just because you love the freedom of expression it gives you. Maybe you blog privately, pouring out your innermost thoughts to a nonjudgmental ear. Maybe you are a reach-out Blogger, trying to get raise awareness for your favorite charities and causes. Maybe you blog to make friends and influence people, or to find your soul mate. Maybe you blog because you like attention. And just maybe, you blog to make money.

You can blog for any of the above reasons and make money at it. But first you need to learn about the two ways in which blogging can build your bank account: the direct, and indirect, income methods.

You can either make money from your blog, or you can make money because of it. That may seem like splitting hairs, but it’s really not. Both ways depend on how successful you are in attracting readers.

You are effectively targeting an audience for that marketer, saving them the cost of advertising. But blogging as an affiliate marketer means you will have to restrict the topic of your blog to material related to what the marketers are selling. If you really want to blog on animal rights, don’t post affiliate links directing your audience to hunting weapons.

If you have been blogging long enough and well enough, you may consider “branding your blog” and selling items with your bog?€™s name or logo–coffee mugs, caps,
For more help visit to: T-shirts can generate both income and curiosity, possibly bringing in new readers. But you have to be really sure of your audience’s loyalty before shelling out the expense for the merchandise.

If your blog is taking up so much time that you will have to make a choice between it and your day job, consider making it a subscription blog. But only do that if you have a blog so unique that no one else is offering the same thing for no charge. If you are at the top of you field in a given subject, you just may be able to make a subscription-based blog work. To know more about it simply visits. Affiliate marketing, branding, asking for donations or subscriptions, and building a blog to sell it are all direct income ways of making money from your blog.

Indirect ways of making money from your blog include making yourself available to provide content for those who like your writing. By supplying your blog with accurately researched, understandable, and well-written original content on a regular basis, you may come to the attention of people needing freelance writing done for both online and offline publications.

Your blog, if well-written, may also generate speaking opportunities for you. Your readers may belong to offline groups looking for someone to conduct seminars on the topics your blog.

Ways of Making Money From Your Blog!

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>Blogging- a Great Opportunity for Your Own Business!


There are many uses for blogging. In most cases, blogging can be used for advertising. If you own a business, you can make use of blogs to promote your products or services. The usage of blogging in businesses is gaining popularity because it can establish a business?€™ credibility and name recognition. The Internet is a very competitive arena for online businesses. Many people are now into home-based businesses. There are certain advantages in putting up home-based business such as lower capital requirement, for more details visit to free to work any time, and you can spend a lot of your time with your family. If you want to establish a successful online business, make sure that you use blogging.

You don?€™t have to be an expert blogger. You simply have to know the basics of blogging and you?€™re on your way to success. Through blogging, you can create a priceless platform where you can demonstrate readily your expertise, experience, talents, and your business to the whole world. Now, you have a more effective way of presenting your business to the world and most especially, to your customers or clients. You can also look into other online businesses, for more details visit to which previously made use of blogging for promoting their products or services. If you want, you can contact them and ask how blogging has helped them in establishing business success. You?€™ll be surprised to find out that some business owners exerted their own efforts to create blogs for their businesses.

They did not seek the help of expert bloggers to do the job for them. Aside from enhancing your business?€™ reputation online, you can also use blogging to enhance the web presence of your business. If you can make a comprehensive website for your business and you?€™re able to create effective blogs, the name of your business will be known online. Many online businesses spend thousands of their capital to enhance web presence but if you want to save some money on the promotion of your business, you must learn to create blogs for your business. This way, you can create personal blogs that your business can benefit a lot. Customers are easily attracted to businesses that are considered leaders in the business arena.

You can inform the world about your expertise through the blogs you post in your website. Many people read blogs nowadays. If you can post blogs regularly, prospective clients and customers can be kept informed. You can create a buzz so that you business will become more popular. Oftentimes, readers who are interested in your blogs will also pass the links to their friends, colleagues, and family members. This way, you will have a wider audience. If you can blog appropriately, your business can be among the top ranked in search engine results. If you can achieve top ranks in any search engine, your business will become more popular and more profitable. With more readers and subscribers for your blogs, you can increase the traffic in your business?€™ site. You will then be able to reach more customers so that your business will earn more profits. So don?€™t just sit down and watch as your business fails. Start learning the basics of blogging and post blogs in your business?€™ website. Soon, your business will flourish and you can earn huge profits. Always have fresh blog ideas at hand so that your readers and customers will remain interested.

Blogging- a Great Opportunity for Your Own Business!

How to Make Money With Blog

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>Blogging- so Much More Than Just Writing


Blogging.  Many people think that blogging is as simple as sitting down at the computer and typing up a quick little blurb and then moving on to the next one.  And for those who do a personal blog or who are not interested in either promoting themselves or their business or making money- it is.  But in order to create something substantial it is a whole lot more than that.


To write an informative blog post is not as easy as it might seem to be.  You have to strike the right combination and not only keep your readers interested but teach them something they did not previously know.  Every writer has their own style that becomes more distinctive as time goes on but getting into that flow takes time.

Even before writing a blog post a lot of time can be invested in research. This research can include clarifications on the subject you are writing about such as date details, a review of a product, an overview of notes taken previously on the subject, or just an overall gathering of the thoughts in your head.

Once you have have a more concrete idea about your topic the research on the written part itself comes in.  What keywords are you using and are there any longtail keywords that will work well with your topic? What type of post are you going to write and from what perspective? And what headline is going to garner the most interest?

These questions can sometimes generate confusion and lead to writers block.  There are a ton of great tools and how to posts out there to assist you.

Interlinking and Proofreading

Now you have your post written one of the first things that you should do is proof read and spell check your post.  There has been a lot of debate about whether articles should be grammatically correct and the spelling error free but a post reads more fluidly and is more easily understood if it reads the way that it should. 

Interlinking helps your blog out in several different ways. It helps to get your older pages looked at more frequently and to decrease your bounce rate. It also assists in ranking (although not as much as an incoming link).  Once you are done writing your post you can go back and pick out keywords and phrases that you can use to link to other posts on your blog. In the beginning this may seem tedious but once you get in the habit of doing this it will become second nature.

Outbound Links 

Linking out to other blogs can be a time consuming activity- but one well worth the effort.  Outbound links can assist you in that they show your readers that your knowledge of your post doesn’t stop with what you are writing but with the knowledge of what others are writing about the same topic.  It can draw new readers to your blog as people you link to will generally come take a look at what you are writing.  It can also help build you up as an authority in your field.

Make sure that you give correct credit when linking to someone else and don’t just put the link in the anchor text without mentioning them or their blog. And it needs to flow smoothly with your post and make sense- don’t just put a link to put a link.

A great example of someone who uses outbound links effectively is Jim Regan at The Net Fool.  Every Sunday he writes Sunday Link Love and Announcements in which he writes about the week, gives five links to great posts he has read that week along with a little summary and finishes up with stock market and blogosphere updates and a look ahead.  These articles are all high quality posts and really strengthen his credibility.


Last but certainly not least- promoting.  Promoting your blog can be the most time consuming part of of blogging itself if you are intent on steadily increasing your traffic. There are many different ways to promote your blog including article marketing, forums, social networking and bookmarking sites, and commenting on other blogs.

As you become more proficient in the ways that you want to promote your blog you will find that you are able to do way more in less time.  For instance, if using article marketing as a tool you can use article submission sites which automatically submit your article to thousands of websites, blogs, and directories.  Or if you choose to do it yourself you can have five different article submission sites open and copy and paste right down the line.  (Much, much faster than doing it one at a time.) 

Participating on forums and social networks which allow you to use a link to your blog in your signature is a great way to promote yourself and create traffic to your blog.  Twitter is also a good source to promote but don’t get too tweet happy with announcing new posts- most of the people following you will also be subscribed to your site and you will be giving them a double whammy.

By using the concepts of attraction marketing and you will make your job that much easier.  You can also submit your post to relevant bookmarking sites and directories.

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog is to comment on other blogs especially those that use the comment luv plugin developed by Andy Bailey.  This is a perfect example of why headlines are so important.  With comment luv there is a line under your comment that links to your last blog post.  If your headline is intriguing you may be surprised by the number of clicks you get. (One tip here- if you are getting ready to publish a new post wait to make your comments until after you publish.  This gives you a fresh link especially if you have made a lot of comments since your last post).


Overall, it is clear that blogging can be very time consuming to those who take it seriously.  Bloggers that have learned how to take what started out as a fun past-time and turn it into a lucrative career have known this all along.  While every post doesn’t have to be a candidate for the Nobel prize you do have to be sure that you are using most, if not all, of these techniques in each one to gain the blogging success you are looking for.

The next time someone makes a comment about why it takes you so much time to write a little blog post you can just smile and think to yourself, blogging is so much more than just writing.

Blogging- so Much More Than Just Writing

Internet Marketing

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>Blogging Tips-power Blogging


This article is not intended to give you the newbies course about hosting, installing a blog on your domain and etc. It will give you some serious advice on your blog business Bad blogging habits are easy to get into, and one of the worst is to leave your ‘About’ page unchanged. You know the page: it is provided by Word press as standard and a whole host of bloggers leave it unchanged. For more help visit to: they do this is known only to them, because this is the first page that a large number of first-time visitors to a blog check out, and the reason why many of them leave without looking further. All you have to do is to say a little about yourself, who you are, and what your blog is about, why you feel qualified to write a blog about this topic and how you can be contacted. If your blog covers a particular niche, rather than being simply a log of personal comments, then your potential readers will want to know why they should believe what you say by reading…

There is nothing wrong with having a personal blog about your personal thoughts on things, but if you are presenting yourself as a form of expert on a specific topic, then you will have to persuade readers that you have a right to do so. You should use your ‘About’ page to do that. Another tip you should take is to claim your blog with Technocratic. This registers it as yours with Technocratic, and you can get a whole load more visitors. Since joining Technocratic most of my Blogs’ traffic rocketed. It takes a while for new Blogs to get going, but it’s a lot easier if you make use of sites such as Technocratic. The same is true of most of the social Bookmaking sites if traffic is important to you. If you are using a blog to promote a product, then this is essential. If you have a website then doesn?€™t get lazy and be content to run your blog from a hosting site such as wordpress. It is better to download the software from, and host your own blog. You have much more control over the look and feel of it, and can use any of the thousands of plugging that are available online. You can also use any template you want, or even design your own. That way you get total customization of your blog pages, and can make it more distinctive than the majority hosted on Word press or Bolger?€™s site.
If you have tried and had problems downloading and installing it then send me an email. If needed I can take you through it online, or by telephone. These are the two main tips that any Blogger should take if they intend to blog seriously. However, was I to provide the third most important tip for anybody interested in blogging, and then it would be to monetize your blog? Don’t blog for nothing. If your blog concerns a specific niche subject you can likely throw up one or two affiliate programs on your sidebar so that they appear with your new posts. A three column blog is useful for this, since your regular sidebar will generally be full of permanent links. If you monetize using Adsense, a three column layout is even more essential, since you will want a vertical block down one of the columns, in addition to some at the bottom and the middle. A good Adsense layout would be a column to the left or right of the main text column containing a vertical ad unit, a horizontal link unit at the bottom of the blog, and also a horizontal ad unit at the bottom of the latest post. for more help visit could also include a search box at the top or bottom of your main sidebar that allows a search either on Google, from which you get income.

Blogging Tips-power Blogging

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>Building A Blog Audience Through Commenting


Sometimes as bloggers, we overlook some of the most basic tools of the online community. Our commenting behavior can actually make a large impact on our reputation, our traffic, and our audience building.

Make the Most of the Comments You Make

One of the best ways to get others to find your blog is by visiting theirs and leaving comments about their posts and observations. Blogs, especially the popular ones, often form small online communities and fan bases and comments play a huge role in the communicative function of blogs. People will read a comment made by Bill on Bob’s blog, and in turn, start reading Bill’s blog as well. Bloggers tend to check the blogs of those who have visited their favorite blogs and you can develop some regular readers simply by making comments on other blogs.

In many cases, you can leave the URL of your blog in the comments, making it easy for all of that blog’s readers to find you, too. Be careful to remember how your blog comments may affect others, though – when you offer criticism to a blogger, think about how that comment will be received. Are you building a relationship or burning a bridge? Unless you are being anonymous (which is never really recommended), every time you comment, you associate your name and reputation with the comment. Are you willing to stand by that comment and have it represent you in the blogosphere for an indefinite amount of time? Even if you consider the blogger you’re commenting on to be a “competitor” – it’s best not to create controversy in such a way that you could tarnish your reputation. Remember that website content lasts a long, long time.

When leaving a comment on a blog, there are two things you should consider in terms of attracting traffic:

1. Length of the comment: Make sure your comment is at least two to three lines – up to a paragraph if your post is on a topic relevant to your area of expertise.

2. Quality: Make sure your comment is something like a mini-article – it must be informative, unique, and offer a perspective or insight into the topic that the blog post did not provide.

Making the Most of Comments on Your Own Blog

In most cases, as a blogger, it is important to allow comments from your readers, especially other bloggers. This inspires the sense of interactivity and community that makes blogging so attractive to the Web 2.0 world.

You may have to deal with blog comment spam as a result of your willingness to accept comments unless you configure your blog host to help you out – make sure you use the tools they offer to help you combat it. If you can do a word or code verification, it will filter out most. You can also choose to moderate your comments. This can become a time-consuming process down the line if your blog becomes super-popular down the line – it can also slow down the commenting conversation.

Try to allow as much interaction as possible on your blog – it keeps things interesting and interactive. As soon as you start getting comments, respond to them. Keep the dialog going.

Blogs are loved by many because of their interactive nature, so the more lively and interesting the comment section, the better the blog. This, of course, in turn, creates more traffic. If you don’t respond to comments, you cut the the debate short, signaling that it was never a very important feature of the blog anyway. That doesn’t mean that a blogger should necessarily respond to every single comment, but you should always be visible in your own blogging community.

When a person posts a comment on a blog for the first time, surprise them by acknowledging their presence with a simple “Hello”. (Or, if you own a larger blog, and have noticed an influx of new traffic, greet ALL the new readers.) Let them know that they’re welcome. Blog communities (and traffic) are built, after all, one person at a time. Never forget where that community was built from.

Building A Blog Audience Through Commenting

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>Free Blog Hosting The Right Choice


Blogging has becoming more popular in the internet today. No matter which blogger out there, they will need a blogging platform to show they content to the world. To achieve that, there are quite a few options that they choose. The options available to them are hosting their blog in their own domain name or hosting their blog on free hosting with Blogger or WordPress.

One can definitely host his own blog with his own domain but to achieve that is not easy feat. First, there is the technical requirement to consider and then there is the item requirement to think about too. For more details Therefore, many bloggers out there would rather choose a free blogging platform so that they can focus more time on blogging rather than using most of their time to maintain their blog.

The question is, what do we get from a free blogging website? Well, a free blogging website is a place that provides you with everything you need to perform you blogging activities. It offers tools and hosting service for their users. For a free blogging platform, you domain will have the signature of that service. A san example, if you are using Blogspot, The current free blogging providers in the market today are WordPress and Blogspot.

Hosting your blog with the blog provider we mentioned above will not cost you a cent. They provide everything you need for you to show of your blogging skills and you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth and storage because this is all taken care of by the provider. This gives you the comfort of mind so that you can focus all your energy on blogging away with the contents you have. All these services are provided to you for free and the most important thing here is you will have no worries about the maintenance of your blog.

On the contrary of free, there is also paid blogging service. Anything free will definitely possess its limitation. For more details On the other hand, if you can have a blog with your own domain name, you have much more advantage in function, design as well and personalization.

Free blogs that provide long URL that do not attract people will need more effort and time on promoting it. It will also create less impact to the readers because it is not professionally owned.
Readers that go to your blog might not even treat you respectfully because they think that this blog which s hosted for free is only a newcomer or amateur in the field.

In the end, it all depends on what your aim is for having a blog. If you just want to share your interest and have an online diary where people can see what is happening in your life, you will be pretty satisfied with a free blog hosting service. However, if you are aiming to generate some sort of income from your blog, you should treat it like a business and get your own domain for your blog. Every business needs a little investment and blogging to make money is also the same.


Free Blog Hosting The Right Choice

SEO Blog

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>How To Make Money Blogging With 3 Easy Tips


Blogging has become so popular recently that many people have been able to turn it into a full time job. Making money with blogging can be difficult and many people who try do not succeed in their initial attempts. This is not because it is a bad way to make extra money. People tend to fail to make money blogging because they do not approach it in the appropriate way. Blogging for money is a job. While you may work for yourself, just like any other job, it requires knowledge and hard work in order to succeed. I think we can say that about anything in life. For someone who is serious and wants to make money blogging in their spare time, or even making enough money to quit their day job, there are a few good tips that they need to follow.

First, picking a good topic for blogging can be a tough ordeal. Many people want to blog about their hobbies, but if the niche is too small, generating traffic can be difficult. It is important to find a topic which will draw in a good crowd, but it must also be a topic about which you are willing to write. A blog that lacks passion or insight will not retain visitors and will not give them the incentive to use the banner ads on the site, or click through on your affiliate product. This is the primary way most blogs generate revenue, so if the ads or sales fail, the blog may not make any money. Becoming an expert at your particular niche is key.

So how do you go about making the best of your blog? While most people who are considering blogging for money are already web savvy, it is important to be up to date with the latest internet publishing software and websites. An out of date blog, or one which does not take advantage of new methods for increasing traffic, may struggle against technically superior blogs. Blogs today take advantage of things such as RSS feeds and podcasts. By utilizing the latest technologies a blog can keep up with the rest and really stand out. WordPress blogs are especially regraded for their use of ease and plethora of features.

One thing anyone who wants to blog for money needs to remember is that regular visitors will lose interest if the blog is not updated frequently. Updating the blog every day can result in a very high turnover for certain blogs, but may be too much for others. A blog about a rapidly changing medium, business for example, can thrive on daily updates. However, a blog about a hobby such as snowboarding, may be better served by information-rich weekly updates. A blog which is unnecessarily updated may come off as spam to some readers. Despite this, a blog with appropriate and well-written updates will keep readers coming back for more time and time again. Making sure the updates are on a schedule, rather than random, can also keep readers coming back.

Blogging for money does not have to be hard. Do not let the lack of success from others steer you away. Those who are unprepared or not serious about blogging for money will make room for those who want to turn real profit. By doing your research and approaching the blogosphere with a professional attitude, it is very possible to supplement an existing income or replace it all together. Make money blogging today with these 3 easy tips!

How To Make Money Blogging With 3 Easy Tips

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>Maintain a successful business blog


The culture of blogging is slowly evolving in businesses. The term ?€?business blogs?€™ is now seen in marketing campaigns of many businesses. It can be to communicate with the customers or to provide knowledge to the employees; business blog is proved an efficient method for many businesses. But it is as important to maintain a blog efficiently as creating one.

Quality of content
Size of the content is not the parameter in making a blog successful. If it would have been the case, all the blogs around 40,000 estimated that are posted each day, might have been popular. It is only those blogs, which have quality content, deserve to achieve its target of reaching more readers.

The success of a business blog is determined in terms of its traffic in most of the situations. Quality content helps the blogger to keep his blog alive and grow. And the blogger must have extent of time commitment in posting his blogs. It can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but the content of the blog must be updated actively to keep the blog active.

Managing periodicity in blogging
There will be many experiences in a life of an average person that strikes him with an inspiration to write a blog. There are no restrictions of time or place for the inspiration to write a post for personal blogging. Nevertheless, for a business blog, time commitment in creating and posting content is crucial.

Whenever you are hit with an inspiration that you think would be good to include in your business blog, just note down those. It would be good to fix a certain time to accumulate all those thoughts into the blog. When you have too many thoughts at same time, you can save some for other day where you are dried up of ideas. Time commitment doesn?€™t just keeps your blog active, it also reflexes your commitment and discipline as a businessperson.

Interactive blogging to engage customers
It may be wrong to assume that you have to write your blog only formally and with corporative voice, since it is a business blog. It may affect your blog in adverse way. Many successful business blogs are interactive with the targeted readers. They have a passion in them that gives the readers an ease to read and to deliver your message in a simple and straight manner.

The number of blog visitors is increasing each day, simultaneously with the number of blog posts. This provides a tremendous opportunity to leverage businesses through blogging.

Maintain a successful business blog