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>New feature added to your eXtend web hosting control


Next time you log in to your eXtend web hosting control panel you will notice there is brand new icon next to ?€?file manager?€™ called ?€?Check Site Permissions?€™. This new feature has been added to let you bulk check your websites file permissions without having to go through them all manually one by one. It will:

1.    Check that the permissions make any sense at all, e.g. that a directory is accessible or that a script is executable
2.    Check for conditions which would make the web server refuse to run a script for security reasons
3.    Check for permissions which are likely to lead to security problems on your site

Where appropriate, recommendations for change to the existing permission will also be given to make your website more secure. You can then agree to the recommended permissions through this page (or choose to ignore them).

Heart Internet web hosting resellers
If you are a web hosting reseller, your customers who have had ?€?File Manager?€™ enabled as a feature will automatically get access to this in their control panel.

New feature added to your eXtend web hosting control

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>7 Tips on Blogging for Value


Blogs are just as much about the reader as the author ?€“ if no one?€™s reading them, then they have no value outside SEO. So it?€™s essential to write with your reader in mind, and the best way to keep visitors coming back is to spark ideas, discussion and provide insight or knowledge of some kind. If you don?€™t already have a blog, you can take advantage of our WordPress hosting and one-click install (accessible via your eXtend control panel) to get up and running quickly.

We?€™ve put together a series of golden rules so you can ensure you?€™re blogging for value ?€“ and success!

1.    Make sure you have a clear idea of what your visitors are interested in by frequently using your site statistics (e.g. Google Analytics) and the information in the WordPress admin panel. You may well find that the posts with the highest number of comments may not share the highest number of views, so decide which is most important to you and work from there. Writing follow-up posts on popular topics is also a great way to boost reads.

Start by installing a statistics plugin such as WP Stats.

2.    Aim to tell your readers something they didn?€™t know before. There are lots of ways to do this, including offering advice, providing valuable links, collating useful resources and providing a fresh opinion on your chosen subject.

Check out SEOmoz for examples of value-adding posts.

3.    Stick to topics that you?€™re interested in and are relevant to your site content. There?€™s nothing worse than a half-hearted blog entry that serves no real purpose. Don?€™t write about something because you have to, write because you want to. Come across as interested, knowledgeable (or preferably both), and you?€™ll be adding value.

Find out more about how to write an interesting blog.

4.    Encourage discussion by taking the focus off yourself; make sure you refer to the reader directly and avoid overuse of ?€?I?€™. Remember visitors are reading for their own benefit, not yours! People like to voice their opinions and talk about their personal perspective, so present direct questions in your blog to make it easy for them.

Try 7 questions to get more reader engagement.

5.    Even if your ideas aren?€™t unique, make sure your view is.  If you’re stuck for ideas, one of the worst things to do is to browse similar blogs for inspiration as you’ll almost inevitably end up directly repeating the concept/content or excessively quoting from it. Instead search for simple blog ideas and brainstorm your own thoughts before settling down in front of a keyboard. It’s worth checking a few sites after to see what else is out there, but don’t do it beforehand.

Search for blog ideas quickly and easily via Google.

6.    Use social media sites such as Twitter to help analyse the value of your blog entries as well as a tool to get visitors to your posts. Take a look at the topics and links your followers are tweeting and retweeting to find out what phrases are used and what?€™s most likely to get passed on. A catchy or intriguing title always helps, particularly if it hints at a valuable blog post. Remember that the amount of retweets doesn?€™t necessarily signal page popularity as many users tend to automatically parrot things, so always back up your findings with site stats where possible.

Have a look at TweetMeMe and TweetCloud to see what?€™s popular.

7.    Avoid the hard sell. It might be tempting, but building a blog entry around a strong sales message will leave Google and your visitors shaking their heads in disgust. Rather than trying to mould content to fit your sales pitch, start with a valuable blog idea and focus on that, perhaps subtly referring to just one or two of your products or services where relevant.

Find out more about alternatives to hard selling here.

Blogs are an extremely important tool for presenting a personable aspect to your site and giving visitors a reason to come back, so always write with that in mind. Providing regular, valuable blog entries over time will help you to build your brand or personal site successfully and ensure respect across web communities.

7 Tips on Blogging for Value

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>12 Ways You’re Scaring Away Your Readership


There is a bunch of reasons why you are losing your readers. So, I?€™ll say up front that this articles is entirely based on my own experiences and what I’ve learned so far from blogging for almost a year. This is a list of some reasons why your readers never come back.

1 – Too Many Displaced Advertisements

This is the first thing strongly make your readers dislike your blog or website. Your content is what drives users to your site, and what differentiates your site from the next guy. If you didn’t have content, you wouldn’t make money off of ads. Focus on your content first to build a great subscriber-ship, then think about how to make money from your content. After 6 months of using Google Adsense to make some tiny money from my blog, I decided to remove all the ugly banners of Google Adsense to refresh the air(I will place them again, but in the future). The rule is don’t just place your ads anywhere, make them look like content.

Nice read:When Should You Put Ads On Your Blog? – This is how $40,000/month blogger makes money from his blog.

2 – Slow website

This happened to me before I move to another hosting provider. I used a very cheap hosting which I paid a year just compared to this one of 3 months. Remember, your readers don’t like 1 minutes loading to read just a quicktip post. Make sure you stay away from super-cheap hosting and optimize your website’s speed.

Here is some good tips:WordPress Optimization: How I Reduced Page Load Time by 75%.

3 – Posting duplicate content

Another good way to ruin your blog is publishing posts which already published before or elsewhere. Google and other search engines definitely also get involved when your content found is largely the same as some content in your blogs or other websites. If you want to gain traffic and readership, try to be unique. In case you don?€™t have the resources to write and publish on your own blog, or your budget isn’t allow you to hire someone to write, the easiest way is → Stop Launching Blogs, Start Contributing. It would be great if you can write quality content day-to-day, otherwise great quality articles sometime are better than having a lot of filler articles.

Read this before start blogging: Four Common Steps Every New Blogger Would Face When Starting A Blog.
Tips to be unique:7 Tips for Creating Unique Content That Doesn?€™t Suck.
Helpful article for blog content development:10 Ways To Find Inspiration To Develop Content For Your Blog.

4 – Not giving proper credit or high-jacking articles

Beware of content submitted from contributors when your blog has multi-authors. You should make sure to edit all the posts submitted carefully. I personally made a same mistake twice by publishing contributed posts without reviewing it carefully and I got warning from the original author immediately. If you are the only one who maintains your blog, don’t ever think about copying the whole content from other blogs. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot do ethically stealing. The rule is never copy and paste entire paragraphs from original article because it?€™s rude and wrong. I cannot find or don’t know if there is any penalty for content infringement; Thus, it is free when it’s on the Internet??? If you have any idea about this, the comment section is open for discussion.

Worth reading:How To Steal Blog Content: Ethically.

5 – Accepting every giveaway sponsorship that comes your way

Giveaways is one of the most effective ways to gain more traffic and readers. It hooks visitors so that they return to your blog again and again. However, the giveaways makes your blog attractive only and only if those giveaways are from popular companies who offer good products or services. Don’t accept or just simply deny some of them which are not good great for your audiences. Don’t publish giveaways too frequently because you run blog to share your knowledge, not team up with some companies to give away things. Thus, people comes to your blog because they want to learn new things.

You should do give aways things because:Hosting a Giveaway As a Blog Marketing Tool.
You should know:How to Host Effective Blog Giveaways.

6 – Annoying other bloggers

This is how you ruin your relationship with other bloggers. Marketing a blog takes time and patience. If they like what you are doing, they will promote you without your demand. Asking for favors all the time doesn’t harm anyone, but it’s a bothersome type of communication which people do hate.

Off-topic link but useful:Building Relationships: 11 Rules for Self-Promotion.

7 – Writing or marketing off-niche

You call yourself web design blogger, so that means you are talking about design stuff, and pretty much only design stuff… Don’t try to do something “new” by going off your niche into other things like proxy software, or other stuff. Most people in a niche market have a loyal following, because there aren’t often many other people covering that sort of stuff. (It happened to Woorkup recently. He went off with a lot of articles, news about some phone companies. Hope he will have more success with new Woorkup).

8 – Not engaging in the community you’re building (ex: comments, Twitter, Facebook, GBuzz, etc.)

You cannot just write and publish. Beside the time you do blogging, spend some time to be active in community and social networks. Keeping trying to stay in touched with everyone to catch what people are talking about and join their conversations.

You should read:How To: Be Active On Twitter Without Getting Burned Out!.

9 – Providing no way to directly contact you.

You blog/website needs at least a contact page for people to reach you. You can put your social ids over sidebar, footer, but don’t forget to implement one page for a contact form. This is typically the gateway to allow people to submit their questions, even suggestions to you. You need to keep your contact form really simple as you can, because they will close the page right after seeing a lot of required field. You better put your email beside the form in case one day, the form is broken. (Don’t write in email format, just like this: “magazine at aext dot net” – to avoid spam bots catching your email address.)

For a proper contact form: → <a href="
roper-contact-form/”>5 Important Steps to Design a Proper Contact Form
Contact form tips:10 Useful Tips for a Captivating Contact Form

10 – Offering limited or no subscription methods

Sometime, I don’t want to subscribe to a feed of a blog, but I really love to follow that blog in Twitter(or just be a fan on Facebook). However, where the hell is the Twitter link to its Twitter profile? I’m an Facebook addicted but I cannot find the fan page of this blog. That’s fine, I will subscribe to the feed and receive its updates via email, but … where can I put my email? (It happened to Smashing Magazine before they redesigned)

11 – Non-working JavaScript overlays

Make sure all of your Javascript is working properly because JS is so annoying to the readers when it doesn’t work properly. Slow loading, web browsers get crashed… are typically caused by javascript. I once went mad when I couldn’t click on the tabs list then my mouse got broken. Oh, that’s my own blog!

Links for Javascript developers:List of Really Useful Free Tools For JavaScript Developers.
Good link:Good Ways to Implement Javascript on your site.

12 – Improper terminology for your demographic and/or field

If you speak in design terms to a non-designer, they will think you?€™re mad. Then, if you write about design stuff in “doctor” language, they’ll definitely think you are crazy. I’m not a writing expert, but my advice is you will need to have a good understanding of standard terminology in design. Let’s write easy to understand instead of making the readers get confused.

Check it out:Art and Design Terminology.

I’ve learned a lot of things

These are how I’ve done blogging for almost a year. There’s a bunch of tricks and tips for a better blog I have learned, but these above are the most important things I would like to share. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.

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12 Ways You’re Scaring Away Your Readership

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>Dreamy – Free Blogger Template


Dreamy is a simple, organized, eye-candy, blue, minimalistic blogger template. I am sure that most of people will like it. It has some nice features like Gallery style main page, which makes automatic summary of your posts, and automatic thumbnail of post images as well. This is a premium feature that I have developed using some css, I have never seen anyone using this feature before for blogger templates.

TO design this one i got inspired on a website that I always loved the design:


  • Gallery Style
  • Cool Navigation Bar
  • Organized
  • Blue
  • Custom comments, Blockquotes and Lists
  • Automatic Thumbnail
  • Clickable Thumbnails

How to activate clickable thumbnails

Note: I have already uploaded the new version of this template, so please if you don’t want to make this tutorial, just download the original template again, it’s working!
Just go to your Dashboard > Edit HTML. Click Expand Widget Templates, replace this line:

For this one:

After doing that, look for this line:


And replace it for this one:


Save it and enjoy!

Credits: This fix was made possible by an awesome user of mine, Kelly Mesa from Kelly Studio.

Dreamy – Free Blogger Template

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>Tell me what you want!

> is still a new website, and as you know I am having a little trouble dealing with time. So I had this idea and I want you guys to help me, I will only make new templates based you my users needs. Yes, Now you tell me what you need and I will analise the replies everytime I make a new template.

Please use the comment section as this post as your channel to talk to me and tell me what you desire to have in my next template. Tell me the colors, the style, the features, everything!

I think this will help me optimizing my templates and it will save time for you because you won’t find useless templates here anymore. Only quality and useful templates. For this, your feedback is everything.

Please leave you comment below and Tell me what you want!

Follow me on twitter!

If you are a twitter user please follow me at @dantearaujo for quick chatting, posts and mini updates for useful and cool links about blogger templates and general webdesiging stuff.

Tell me what you want!

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>Do you like this blog? Spread the word!


Spread the Word!

The social media is the most powerful tool to promote a website nowadays. Besides a great content and usability, a sucessful website should have a good comunity of loyal users that help a lot when it comes to spreading the word.

If you really enjoy this website, If I make your life a bit easier with my services, support and templates, please take a look on this post, and find out how you can help me spreading the word around, so many people will visit my website, and that will encourage me to make even better posts and templates for you guys!


I provide you 3 easy-to-acess links to the most used kinds of subscription, RSS, email and twitter. By subscribing you guys will never miss out and will always be in touch with all the stuff happening here every day. And c’mon guys, who doesn’t have a twitter account ? Follow me on twitter!


I would love to your face on the Google Followers widget, it encourages me to keep helping and supporting people here everytime I see my followers number growing. I would like to build a really strong community of blogger users being helped and helping out other users every day! It would be a dream.


Twitter is the most powerful thing that could happens on internet. It’s everywhere and everybody has a twitter account. So please, no matter how many followers you have, try to click the “retweet” button, I promise it won’t take you 2 seconds to spread the word, and that will help this blog grow a lot!


Please use the sharing links, they are not there just for nothing. If everyone who gets help from me use at least one time the sharing and subscribing buttons, I would get even more happier, and believe me, when I am happy, I love to make templates, and love to help people. So that’s what you want right ? 🙂

Do you like this blog? Spread the word!

Automatic Blog

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>Make a Navigation Bar with Automatic Highlighted Current Links


Today we?€™re going to learn how to make a navigation bar for your blog using a very simple way to highlight current links automatically. This method is very easy and it uses only conditional tags from Blogger, so there is no need for JavaScript.

Visit to get this great tutorial!

Make a Navigation Bar with Automatic Highlighted Current Links

Autoblogging Plugin

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>Interview with CEO of GreenGeeks and TigerSites


Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Trey Gardner, CEO of GreenGeeks and TigerSites. Here’s what Trey had to say:

Chris Lloyd from What’s your title and how does that translate into the day-to-day operations for GreenGeeks and Tigersites?

Trey: I am the CEO of both Green Geeks and Tigersites. As far as the day to day operations for both brands I am involved in all of the areas. I work with the sales and marketing team to make sure that we are getting good exposure in the marketplace as well as make sure that new clients are approved and receive all of their account login information. In addition I work with the technical support and server administration departments to make sure that client’s issues are handled by our technicians in an expeditious manner and that are servers are operating at their optimal levels.

Chris: Can you tell us what kind of plans you offer?

Trey: We offer 1 all encompassing web hosting plan for the general public and we offer 5 reseller web hosting plans for web site designers and developers. The General Public plan offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains and emails. It comes with cPanel, the world’s #1 web hosting control panel as well as the free Fantastico script library which has web site favorite scripts like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and many others. Also included with the plan is a free domain name and 2 free web site template builders which are great for novices. The plan costs are $95.40 for a 1 year term and $166.80 for a 2 year term. Tigersites offers the same package as Green Geeks.

Our reseller program was recently launch and is great for web developers and designers who help manage the web sites of their clients. There are 5 packages to choose from and rates vary between $.95/domain per month all the way down to $.39/domain per month. The servers are 300% green just like the servers at Green Geeks and carry all of the features carried for Green Geeks customers.

Chris: Tell us about what green web hosting really means.

Trey: Green energy web site hosting is web hosting without establishing a carbon footprint or by offsetting your carbon footprint. The reason why this is such a big deal for our industry is because it is estimated that by the year 2020 our web hosting industry will be as large of a environmental polluter as the airline industry. Web servers use huge amounts of electricity, they run all the time and they run hot so they also need huge cooling fans to keep them cold to run efficiently. These huge fans also use large amount of electricity.

There are many ways to offset your carbon foot print in web hosting including using wind energy credits to offset the energy you pull from the grid, use solar power to lower the amount of energy you need to pull from the grid during daylight hours as well as configuring the servers so that they run more efficiently using less energy, running cooler and needing less of the fans cooling power. At Green Geeks, TigerSites and our reseller company we are actually carbon negative which means we not only lower our carbon footprint but we actually put more carbon reducing power into the grid by purchasing 3 times the wind energy credits needed to offset our use. In addition we modify our servers so that they run cooler using less energy than other companies servers.

Chris: Are there web hosts out there claiming to be green but not walking the walk? No need to name names.

Trey: I would rather be an optimist when it comes to the trends in web hosting pushing more towards going green. We have had many web hosting companies contact us and ask us how we do what we do to be more eco friendly and we are actually fine with helping our competition become greener. I have heard from customers and environmental advocates that they have run across numerous companies out there who claim to be eco friendly but who don’t look to employ and real eco friendly initiatives, they are green in name alone. I don’t waste my time checking up on these so called green companies to see what they do, my focus is to forge ahead with my own initiatives and let the marketplace follow. Consumers are savvy and eventually they will root out these companies standards and force them to go green in more than just name or risk losing that business to us and the other true green web hosts.

Chris: What types of advertising methods are you using to promote your brands?

Trey: We employ mainly online marketing for building our sales and to promote our brands. Our best consumers are people who are web savvy and are looking for web hosting or who are looking to change from some hosting company which are not servicing their needs. We market in web sites, blogs and news web sites.

Chris: Where are you datacenters located?

Trey: Our data center is located in Chicago with offices there as well as Toronto and Los Angeles. We are looking at opening more locations over the next year as well.

Chris: Are you planning on a controlled growth or is it pedal to the metal?

Trey: I would love to say pedal to the metal but I have been with other web hosting companies before this one and some have had that “at all costs” mentality. They would try to grow as fast as they could and what I saw with this type of focus were tons of problems. They would short change their employees and purchase sub standard equipment to make room for more marketing dollars to drive more sales. Turnover was high and problems with the servers where your customers web sites reside were a daily occurrence.

At Green Geeks we higher good, smart people and we treat them well, we don’t like turnover, in addition we buy only top of the line high quality web servers to make sure our clients accounts run fast and have great uptime. Our customer service department proportionally gets far more calls from customers who are novices and who need instructions on how to do something than we do about any sort of server issue. So far we have been able to grow at a steady pace but with increased sales volumes month over month. We like to push the marketing of Green Geeks not only to acquire customers and grow but to also influence the marketplace into being more eco friendly. We will always look towards growth as building the business and building the awareness.

Chris: Are you going to be at HostingCon in August?

Trey: I may go to Hosting Con in August, I have been before and it is a great place to learn more about the industry trends and to work on partnerships. I also enjoy my daily work activity here at Green Geeks as well and there is a lot to do. Depending upon the participants at the event I may go or may send one of our system administrators, we’ll have to see.

Chris: I’ll use this question as a vehicle for you to freestyle. Let our readers know everything they need to know about GreenGeeks and Tigersites.

Trey: Sounds good. Here is my personal guarantee to anyone out there who is thinking of signing up with either Green Geeks, TigerSites or our reseller program. I guarantee that if you ever have an issue with our company or any of our employees I am going to get involved. I have been the quality assurance director at other web hosting companies and made sure that if there was anything wrong that our techs could not fix or something wrong with one of our employees that they could get to me and I got things resolved. We don’t have a quality assurance director at Green Geeks, Tigersites or our reseller company because we don’t need one, I am the guy and the buck stops with me. If you ever have a serious problem with our company ask for me by name.

In addition I want to plead with any web hosting company or any customer of a web hosting company out there to go green. The thought that the servers who run you the customers web sites and which run our web hosting businesses might turn into as big of an environmental catastrophe should be abhorrent to everyone out there. To quote Ben Franklin, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Peace, good luck with your web site projects and go green!
Trey Gardner

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We like what you guys are doing and wish you the best of luck with GreenGeeks and TigerSites.

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Interview with CEO of GreenGeeks and TigerSites


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>Easy Website Traffic Strategies You Need to Know – Keyword Research Ideas That Actually Work


When it comes to making money online in your market you are going to have to make sure you focus on using the right keywords so you can get the most amount of visitors to your site possible and make the most amount of money possible. In this article I want to show you keyword strategies that you can use that actually work.

The Problem With Finding The Right Keywords…

When it comes to figuring out which search terms are going to make you the most amount of money online you have to realize that most people generally do the exact same thing.

They find some tool that will build a list of thousands of terms for them and then they will take those search terms and load them into Google AdWords and hope for the best.

You have to realize that when you do this you are simply setting yourself up for failure and you are going to end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Just because you can add 20,000 keywords to your campaign in AdWords at once does not mean you are using the right strategy. The problem you have to realize is that by using these tools that will give you massive lists of search terms is that you are simply getting massive lists of search terms.

That is it! They will do you no good if you want to actually make a lot of money in your market doing what you are doing and you need to make sure you realize this. But most people think that they need to have the biggest keyword list they can possibly have and if they do this they will make a lot of money in their market.

Here Is The Right Way To Do Your Keyword Research So You Can Increase Your Profits…

First – You have to make sure you are focused on using the 10 best and most qualified terms in your market when you are starting out.

Instead of loading up 10,000 search terms in Google make sure you are focused on finding the 10 best that match what you are trying to sell and use those ones.

The reason that you need to to do this is because you have to make sure you can make a profit with the 10 best before you try and make a profit with 10,000 other ones.

Second – You have to make sure you keep branching out by using more and more related terms to the 10 that you are working with when you start out.

The reason that you need to do this is because you will be able to keep using related terms to the ones that you have already proven to be profitable. This means you will decrease your risk of losing money.

What if you can’t get more website traffic? Here’s a “secret snowball traffic system” that has generated over 1,175,000 visitors for my tiny websites. Click Here Now to get this free video that will show you how to make it happen for your sites.

Article Source:

Easy Website Traffic Strategies You Need to Know – Keyword Research Ideas That Actually Work

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>Facebook “Like” Buttons Coming to E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing service MailChimp is preparing to release a new version of its application that includes support for integrating Facebook “Like” buttons in e-mail campaigns.

MailChimp v5.2 will be released early next week and include support for the social plugin. Essentially marketers will soon have a simple way to plop Facebook “Like” buttons inside their e-mail messages.

The e-mail “Like” buttons will look and function in exactly the same way that they do on the web. So, when a subscriber clicks the “Like” button in an e-mail, the campaign is then posted to their Facebook profile. Those “Like” behaviors are tracked by MailChimp and made accessible in the campaign social stats section.

While somewhat controversial, “Like” buttons have proved to be incredibly popular, especially for content creators and online publishers. Nearly 65 million users reportedly “Like” things daily, and TypePad users have experienced a 50% increase in referral traffic to their blogs from Facebook.

If the MailChimp “Like” addition works as advertised, we predict the upcoming feature will prove extremely popular with e-mail marketers and have the potential to massively boost user engagement.

Given the very nature of Facebook “Like,” the e-mail recipient that clicks to “Like” something is taking a much more social and long-lasting action than simply clicking on a link. In fact, some might even make a case for replacing the link with the “Like” in e-mail altogether.

Watch the video below for a descriptive walkthrough of the new feature.

[img credit: Mzelle Biscotte]

Reviews: Facebook, TypePad

More About: email, facebook, Facebook Like, mailchimp, MARKETING

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