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>New Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosted email packages launched


We?€™re happy to announce that we?€™re now offering hosted email packages built on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. All Exchange email hosting includes:

?€?    Free Microsoft Outlook 2010
?€?    Access to your email via Outlook or Outlook Web Access
?€?    Mobile access (including iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPad support)
?€?    Enterprise level virus and spam protection.

All our business email hosting is safe and secure thanks to our state-of-the-art data centre, which is manned 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no set up or hardware costs, you can easily transfer in any existing data, and you can also take advantage of secure email access from almost any platform, device or web browser.

As well as increasing business productivity with all the advanced and updated features Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 offers, you can save money by leaving all the maintenance and day-to-day running to us. Our professional email hosting solutions are easy to set up and use so you can reap the benefits straight away.

Whether you?€™re a new or existing customer, you can benefit by adding Exchange Server 2010 to your web hosting package or using it as a standalone product. If you?€™re a reseller, you can expand your web hosting services to include business email hosting or sell email packages separately as a dedicated product reseller.

Find out more about Exchange Server 2010 email hosting with Heart Internet.

New Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosted email packages launched

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>Thanks to Mashable’s Socially Savvy Supporters


Thanks to this week?€™s advertisers and partners for enabling us to bring you the latest social media news and resources. Mashable’s sponsors are as social media savvy as our readers!

Advertise with us and get noticed.

Help us to help you. Mashable is seeking out site sponsors for our large, diverse audience — social media users, venture capitalists, early adopters, developers, bloggers and many more. You’ll receive hundreds of thousands of views a day in addition to weekly recognition as part of our “thank you” to our premium sponsors. Are you interested? Contact us for more information and to receive our media kit and rate card.

This week, our valued sponsors are bmi, IGLOO, Webtrends Mobile Analytics, IDG, Yield Software, Clickatell, Influxis, Microsoft BizSpark, MailChimp, Sun Startup Essentials, MaxCDN and Eventbrite.

bmi is the second largest airline at London Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest and best-connected international airports. From our Heathrow hub we operate services in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

bmi’s global reach is further extended by being a member of Star Alliance, a grouping of 27 International airlines offering customers a worldwide network and a smooth integrated travel experience. Overall, Star Alliance offers more than 21,050 daily flights to 1,167 destinations in 181 countries.

bmi is committed to using technology such as E-ticketing, Online Booking, Self Check-in at the airport and via the internet, helping to smooth and speed up the pre-flight experience. This, combined with streamlined behind-the-scenes processes and procedures, means the airline can boast one of the best punctuality records of any airline operating in the UK.

bmi is part of the Lufthansa family of airlines, bringing us closer and even stronger partnerships with some of Europe’s major carriers.

Check out their ongoing promotion.

IGLOO is a social software company that builds online communities for business. Uniting content management, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools within one secure social networking platform, IGLOO enables organizations to overcome the barriers to communication and collaboration that emerge because of size. Whether the obstacles are organizational or geographic, a more open and connected business improves employee productivity (Workplace Communities) and helps to foster better relationships with customers, partners and suppliers (Marketplace Communities). Learn more about how IGLOO is socializing the workplace and helping organizations build successful online communities through the IGLOO Social Media Playbook.

Webtrends Mobile Analytics lets you to monitor the adoption and usage of your mobile apps and mobile sites. It provides near limitless customization in terms of the data gathered and depth of analysis across iPhone, Android and Blackberry. And the data resides side-by-side with your website analytics. To keep up with Webtrends Mobile, add our blog to your RSS reader.

IDG’s Strategic Marketing Services group works with tech marketers to deliver services that include integrated multimedia marketing programs, program consulting and IDG Amplify social media advertising.

Yield Software?€™s Yield Web Marketing Suite optimizes paid search (PPC) natural search (SEO) and landing
pages, all in one easy-to-use Web-based system. A simple, intuitive interface together with sophisticated algorithms work seamlessly to optimize SEM campaigns every minute of every day, enabling growing businesses and their agencies to lower costs, improve performance and increase profitability. Yield also offers a free SEO Analyzer, which delivers a report covering how well a site is optimized and suggestions for improvement. Yield Software?€”Web Marketing Made Easy.


Clickatell offers mobile social networks the opportunity to measure their return on investment. Not only does Clickatell offer an Interactive Campaign Manager tool that allows you to monitor and intervene in your customer campaigns in real time, it also generates and manages database integration and comes with additional marketing tools. Track the delivery status of your text messages and the responses; take the guesswork out of campaigning. Your valuable messages will always be delivered as our products allow for message escalation to alternative delivery gateways. Social networks are also, through the account management package, given control over network channels and connectivity options. All necessary tasks have been automated and our central interface allows you to manage multiple connections and projects at the same time.

Which leading social networking companies have chosen Clickatell as a mobile messaging partner? Read our success stories here.

Influxis is an official Adobe hosting partner and resource for the Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server. Influxis provides Flash hosting plans for all levels of use ?€“ beginner to enterprise. With a reputation for exceptional customer service, Influxis provides an extremely reliable international network of FMS servers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.


BizSpark is a program which offers new software businesses and entrepreneurs access to Microsoft design, development and production tools with no upfront costs for up to three years. Members can also connect with a nationwide community of Network Partners ?€“ investors, incubators, service providers and entrepreneurial organizations ?€“ who are keen to help.

For more information or to connect with a Microsoft BizSpark advisor, please visit


MailChimp is a powerful, easy-to-use e-mail marketing service. You design, me deliver.

If you’re working for a startup, Sun can help you get it off the ground fast. We created the fee-free Sun Startup Essentials program offering deep discounts on industry-leading, power efficient systems and storage products, optimized open-source software, massively scalable Web hosting services, plus free visibility via Sun’s co-marketing engine. It’s time to build your business on the kind of infrastructure that can scale right along with the skyrocketing demands of success. Find out about Sun Startup Essentials today!

MaxCDN – Content Delivery Network. MaxCDN makes it easy and affordable to get maximum global performance from your site and enable your visitors to get the most out of their visit! MaxCDN offers: resistance to the Digg effect, SSL Integration, No Setup Fee, US-based customer service, No Commitments. Get 1 TeraByte for just $39.95 today!

Eventbrite is an online events marketplace where tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes manage, promote and sell tickets to their events. Make your event a success on Eventbrite.

Additionally, thanks to the following partners for making Mashable happen:

Since 2007 W3 EDGE has assisted with creative, web development and search / social media marketing and its numerous projects and other web properties. Day-to-day maintenance and support is also handled by Frederick Townes and his W3 EDGE team.

Thanks to ConVerdge for implementing our My Mashable social network.

Mashable would also like to thank AttentionPR for its PR support. AttentionPR proves that PR today is measurable, transparent and yes, social. Learn more about AttentionPR.

<img class="alignn
one size-full wp-image-63911″ title=”rackspace” src=”; alt=”rackspace” width=”175″ height=”40″ />

Rackspace is the better way to do hosting. No more worrying about web hosting uptime. No more spending your time, energy and resources trying to stay on top of things like patching, updating, monitoring, backing up data and the like. Learn why.

iStockphoto offers easy, affordable inspiration with millions of safe, royalty-free photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash® files. Using the most accurate search in the business, customers download a file at least every second from a collection of more than five million files for business, marketing and personal projects. iStockphoto started in 2000, pioneering the micropayment photography business model and has become one of the most successful and profitable user-generated content sites in the world. iStockphoto pays out approximately $1.2 million weekly in artist royalties. iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images. Mashable readers save 10%.

Founded in 1998 as a free service, Dynamic Network Services Incorporated (Dyn Inc.) now operates two extremely reliable, “rock solid,” global DNS platforms; for home/SMB users and the Dynect Platform for corporations and enterprises. As a leading provider of managed DNS services, Dyn Inc. plays a key role in keeping the Internet’s DNS infrastructure running smoothly, handling trillions of queries per day and servicing nearly four million active users. With a range of innovative solutions, from domain name and e-mail services on, to failover, load balancing, traffic management and CDN balancing services with the Dynect Platform, Dyn Inc. remains committed to world class customer service and engineering excellence. Uptime is the Bottom Line. For more information about Dyn Inc., visit, e-mail or call +1-603-668-4998.


ConcentricSky offers web development and strategic consulting services with a focus on emerging technologies such as Social Media and iPhone Apps. From simple websites to integrated web applications, we deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations – not your budget.

We can get your name out there.

Contact us for more information about supporting Mashable’s growth and development. Alternatively, visit our advertise section for more details about:

  • Competitive direct ad sales
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for Events and other channels
  • Sponsored giveaways and contests
  • Custom ad deals and partnerships

CPM-based advertising is available through our partner, Federated Media, but if you contact us directly, you’ll be entitled to exclusive unpublished discounts.

Reviews: Android, Apps, Digg, Mashable, blog, iStockphoto, social media

For more Social Media coverage:

Thanks to Mashable’s Socially Savvy Supporters

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>Facebook “Like” Buttons Coming to E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing service MailChimp is preparing to release a new version of its application that includes support for integrating Facebook “Like” buttons in e-mail campaigns.

MailChimp v5.2 will be released early next week and include support for the social plugin. Essentially marketers will soon have a simple way to plop Facebook “Like” buttons inside their e-mail messages.

The e-mail “Like” buttons will look and function in exactly the same way that they do on the web. So, when a subscriber clicks the “Like” button in an e-mail, the campaign is then posted to their Facebook profile. Those “Like” behaviors are tracked by MailChimp and made accessible in the campaign social stats section.

While somewhat controversial, “Like” buttons have proved to be incredibly popular, especially for content creators and online publishers. Nearly 65 million users reportedly “Like” things daily, and TypePad users have experienced a 50% increase in referral traffic to their blogs from Facebook.

If the MailChimp “Like” addition works as advertised, we predict the upcoming feature will prove extremely popular with e-mail marketers and have the potential to massively boost user engagement.

Given the very nature of Facebook “Like,” the e-mail recipient that clicks to “Like” something is taking a much more social and long-lasting action than simply clicking on a link. In fact, some might even make a case for replacing the link with the “Like” in e-mail altogether.

Watch the video below for a descriptive walkthrough of the new feature.

[img credit: Mzelle Biscotte]

Reviews: Facebook, TypePad

More About: email, facebook, Facebook Like, mailchimp, MARKETING

For more Social Media coverage:

Facebook “Like” Buttons Coming to E-mail Marketing

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>Interactive Tool Reveals the Social Media Behaviors of Your Audience


Trend Stream has released a mini version of its Global Web Index — a syndicated market research service on web behavior and social media — in interactive infographic form. The tool (above) provides an insightful look at the social media profiles of various online users.

Trend Stream’s “LITE” two-step tool lets users pick a country and define a specific audience — by gender, age and attitude — to pull up social media behavior and attitude analysis. The tool will then return a bevy of stats encompassing social media motivations, activities and brand perceptions for the selected audience and the entire country.

The idea behind Global Web Index LITE is to give brands and marketers a snapshot of the social media preferences and motivations of their online audience. Try it out above and let us know what you think.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, VallarieE

Reviews: iStockphoto

More About: global web index, MARKETING, research, social media

For more Social Media coverage:

Interactive Tool Reveals the Social Media Behaviors of Your Audience

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>5 Tips for Job Seekers on Corporate Social Networks


Business Network Puzzle

Anne Berkowitch is co-founder and CEO of SelectMinds, the leading provider of networking and referral technologies and of the recently launched TalentVine referral recruiting solution. You can follow SelectMinds on Twitter at @SelectMinds.

There?€™s a lot of talk these days about using social networks as job search tools as well as sources for recruiters and HR executives to scout talent. Many organizations opt to build secure, private networks for their current and former employees that provide a place for people to connect and refer opportunities, contacts and information to one another. Here are some tips to get the most out of these increasingly common company networks.

1. Remember Your Resources

While it may be natural to dive into the wider web in your job search, you might be better served to take advantage of resources and people you are already connected to. Many businesses of all sizes offer networks to connect current and former employees. Check in with HR heads of former employers and find out what networking tools they offer. In the battle for great talent, it?€™s in their interest to keep up with you and where your career is headed.

2. Present Your Best Self

When building your identity and reputation on a company network, it?€™s important to remember that these networks are professional environments that are rarely anonymous. While you may have shared some drinks at the holiday party in 2007, you still want to engage with current and former colleagues on a strictly professional basis. Remember to update your information (title, company, leadership experience, etc.) regularly, perhaps every quarter, and point it out to relevant people as appropriate.

Also note that while you’re maintaining a professional presence on internal company networks, your public social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other sites will often be checked by recruiters before they make contact with you. We?€™ve all heard the horror stories — for example, applicants updating their status or tweeting before and after an interview with disparaging or confidential remarks about the company. We?€™ve heard about recent college grads who have thousands of photos on Facebook, many of which are not work appropriate. These are lessons applicants need only learn once. Showing some personality is important, but it?€™s a fine line.

3. Reconnect

Business Team Image

People are used to getting ?€?Friended,?€? ?€?Followed,?€? ?€?Connected With?€? and more on a regular basis, so reaching out to past colleagues with whom you’ve worked should be well received. It?€™s a great way to share opportunities, personal and professional news, and stay up to date on happenings at your company. When you join a company network, spend some time identifying colleagues and friends within the organizations and acknowledge them on the network.

The foundation of many workplace relationships is gained in the first few days working together. A vendor my company works with recently had an influx of new hires due to business growth. The new team they assembled is full of characters and they promote camaraderie as an essential piece of their corporate culture. These employees are not just all Facebook friends but they?€™re neighbors, they Follow each other on Twitter, retweet each other, etc. They are connected personally and online in a way we know will continue even if one of them should make a career move.

4. Show Your Self-Motivation

As everyone knows, finding a job is work in itself. If you want to get advice from a former colleague or talk about business connections or job opportunities, you have to reach out. (Re)connect online and then consider setting up a get-together with former colleagues. Being outgoing and organized is a quick way to get recognized — a factor that’s sure to pay off in the future.

In-person meetings always go farther than a phone call ever could. For HR managers who work at large, global businesses, it?€™s nearly impossible to meet candidates face to face. But if you?€™re an executive and someone local is asking to meet up, it?€™s a great activity to make time for. I recently heard about a young job seeker who wanted to relocate and found out the local director at her dream firm had gone to a competing high school. That connection alone (pointed out in an e-mail she sent him when she happened to be in town) got her in the door and ultimately, the job itself.

5. It Can?€™t Hurt to Ask

Given the professional nature of company networks, it?€™s more common and expected for the topic of job openings and hiring to come up. Don?€™t be afraid to ask your connections how they got their newest job, why they left a company, or if they would be willing to make an introduction for you. Understand that these networks create mutual relationships, so be sure to offer connections, guidance and thoughts to others — engendering good will when it comes to a professional network goes a long way.

A woman my company works with has had previous high profile jobs in her field. As a result, many people know her and ask her for favors. The one she tells us she always obliges is giving honest answers to people who are considering going to work for her previous companies. Often these connections come through people she may need a favor from someday too, so it?€™s a valuable practice to help past companies find great talent, even though she’s already left.

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Images courtesy of studiovision, iStockphoto, Andresr

Reviews: Facebook, Twitter, iStockphoto

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5 Tips for Job Seekers on Corporate Social Networks

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>4 Resources to Build Your Blogging Business


Every week I am contacted by people producing training resources, courses, eBooks, books etc for people wanting to make money from blogging and other online activities.

If I were to write a post about every one it’d almost take over this blog completely so I’m pretty fussy about which ones I promote. However lately there have been a lot of them coming from people that I know and respect.

Not all will be ideal for every person (they have a huge variation in price points and a fair variation in topics covered) but I do know that some are going to be very valuable to different readers so here’s a summary of the latest products coming across my desk (in no particular order).

1. Freelancer’s Survival Guide

ZZ3D5154C5.jpgChris Guillebeau has done it again with another of his ‘Unconventional Guides’ (out today).

This one is for those wanting to get serious about their Freelancing Businesses. As with most of these guides Chris offers 3 price points for different levels.

Learn more about this Freelancing Survival Guide Here.

2. Beyond Blogging Project

A brand new project by Nathan Hagan and Mike CJ – authors of the successful Beyond Blogging book.

This project is a 6 months project to help you build your blog to the next level.

It includes web casts, podcasts, site critiques, Q&A calls, forum and a lot more. Both Mike and Nathan know what they’re doing – looks like something well worth considering. It’s not cheap and will price some out of participating (although not as expensive as some courses) but for a 6 month course with lots of personal touches it’s about what I’d expect.

Get all the information on the Beyond Blogging Project here

3. Product Launch Formula 3

_wp-content_uploads_2010_06_jeff-walker.pngJeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3 has had enough buzz in the last week that you’d have to have been having an internet free week to miss it.

It’s a high level product for those looking to launch products (I took version 2 and it’s helped me double my income from product sales in the last year) and it closes its doors in the next 24 hours (Jeff tends to only open them every 6-12 months).

Again – this isn’t a cheap product but it’s the formula behind many very successful online product launches so if you’re getting into that game it’s the type of teaching that has the potential to pay for itself. At the very least get yourself signed up for the product launch formula blueprint (pdf and video) which is free (for the the price of an email address) as it’s a handy thing to have.

Learn more about it in this interview I did last week with Jeff.

Full Details on Product Launch Formula 3 are Here

4. Engage

_wp-content_uploads_2009_05_20100126-kis1nw5n1qen8kpy186ijj4d9s.jpgThis is a book (yep, a paper one) that I’ve been reading for a month now. I usually don’t read too many paper books these days but this one is well worth the read.

The sub title is – ‘The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web‘ which gives you a little more on what it is about but as a mini review I’d say it’s well worth the read for anyone whose business is developing a plan for their use of social media. Much of it is useful for individuals but I suspect it’s going to be most powerful when a company gets ahold of it and implements some of Brian’s thinking in their business.

The first half is more introductory into the world of social media while the 2nd half is more about how to use social media to engage and some of the responsibilities that come with that. It’s a meaty book – enjoy.

Engage is Available on Amazon here

Disclaimer – each and every one of the links above is an affiliate link and you can assume that I stand to earn a comission if you buy any of the products. However I stand by the recommendations of the products and people mentioned. For every product mention you see here there’s another 1-2 that I’ve chosen not to include.

Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.


4 Resources to Build Your Blogging Business

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4 Resources to Build Your Blogging Business

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>Post Your Business Blogs Via Email


Blogging is big business these days. No longer are blogs general musings of some person’s varied interests. These days’ businesses too are looking at blogs seriously since they can make a significant difference to the bottom line. Needless to say it has become almost imperative for any business to have a significant online presence these days. Just having a mere online presence will not mean web visitors will visit your particular website. This is where business blogging helps. It can help increase traffic to your online resource, which in turn would mean better business prospects.

Moreover business blogging need not be a tedious process anymore. All that it takes is a few clicks and you would have posted your blog, from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Thanks to the advent of sophisticated blogging tools such as ‘WordPress’. Thanks to such tools you can now post your blogs through emails. WordPress for instance can be easily configured in order to use an e-mail to post your particular blog. This way, you can create a dedicated account, which can be used just for posting your blogs. You could always use this e-mail account in order to check the status on your latest blogs.

Along with WordPress you will need to install standard e-mail software programs in your computer for this purpose. An example of such a program is ‘Weblog Client’ which can be used together with WordPress. This program is specially designed in order to allow you send blog posts using e-mail messages. The entire process of posting blogs in this way has become a lot simpler thanks to these sophisticated and yet user-friendly blogging tools. All that you need is to log in and administer your particular account with the WordPress blog. Once you have written your blog, you just need to click on the ‘post via e-mail’ button which you can find on the same page.

The subject line of your message would be automatically taken as the title of your blog posting. The body of the e-mail message would be then used as the content of your particular blog posting. Apart from the regular content, you can also post other attachments and images as part of your blogs. Building links is the key to success with business blogging. You can always leave your link on other’s blogs, which you may find interesting. You can also mention your blog’s URL along with your e-mail ID after all your e-mail messages. These can be very effective means to draw increased traffic to your business blogs. Business blogging is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to popularize any business. Although it costs next to nothing, it could give you huge returns if done and used properly. With business blogging you can actually spread the word about your products or services and increase your customer base significantly. You must though take care to blog regularly. If you do not blog regularly, then there is a genuine danger of your efforts going waste. You should also indicate what specialist knowledge and expertise you have through your blogs. All these issues need to be addressed whenever you are looking for success through business blogging.

Post Your Business Blogs Via Email

WordPress Tutorials

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>Blogging-article Marketing a Winning Team!


Blogging is one form of the commercial activities; it is not a private diary. The idea of the blogging is to communicate to the big amount of the targeted people. And to reach business targets.

So a business blogging has actually no difference compared with the website and the blog needs also the same promotional actions to become successful.

The business tool aspect sets a requirement, that your blog must have contacts, or links, with other related blogs or websites in the Internet. That is a must.

If you compare the links with the business relationships, you understand easily their importance, or go to they simply bring business to the blog.

The article marketing builds a lot of related contacts, which presells the idea of the blog. So when a visitor enters the blog, he is enthusiastic and waiting for your story.

On the top of this, the article marketing builds credibility or brand image, which has a strong impact on your internet home business during the long term.

The great thing about blogging is that when you ping your blog after written a new post, tens of directories get the information about it and thanks to RSS feed thousands of other bloggers will be informed. Think about the quickness!

While blogging, use optimized text, i.e. write with the related keywords. This makes it possible to rank high in the search engines. Your article marketing must use the same main keyword in the Author Box.

This is the anchor text between your blogging and the article and a sign to the search engines, that these links will raise your blog high in the search engine ranking, when the article distribution has distributed them into thousands of article directories and websites.

The idea of the article marketing is to write unique, useful articles, which will help the reader to learn more about your niche or to get enthusiastic to buy something from your blog. You can visit so you want to influence on the behaviour of the reader and get traffic building backlinks.

The article marketing as a blog traffic builder is fantastic because it will bring both short and long term targeted traffic, build backlinks and the brand.
The winning duo, blogging and article marketing can be used with Blogger and WordPress.

http://www.bloggers-guide-to profit-com

One thing is important in blogging. The blogvisitors love the fresh and useful content. The usefulness is the greatest reason why they come cack and bookmark your blog. So I recommend a daily blogging or at least three times per week.
And, please use always a unique content! Otherwise the search engines will penalize you.

Blogging-article Marketing a Winning Team!

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>Blogs Help to Promote the Business Site


There are blogs for just about any subject matter you can think of. If you surf the Internet, you can find everything from personal blogs about family life to corporate blogs about marketing trends, blogs for social service to blogs that make money. The blogosphere has seen steady growth in the number of blogs over the last few years. Today, consumers search for answers in blogs for almost all niches as experts use the blogging platform to solve almost every problem. For more detail go to:, experts and evangelist use blogs to deliver their message. Moreover, businesses that want a direct conversation with their customers are blogging more than ever before. Corporations and businesses use blogs to provide their customer a direct channel of communication and explain their brand and products to the market. The trend of blog marketing has grown by leaps and bounds since the invention of paid posting.

Blog marketing has become a common name among marketing professionals. Blog marketing and promotion has become a vital tool in the marketing arsenal. How many times have a company relayed its message through a company blog or you have taken the expert opinion of a blogger before making a decision. In its conception, blogging was started as a platform to share personal feelings about a topic. Now it has grown up to become a place for business communication. Businesses utilize blogs to communicate key point affecting their customers as well as in the promotion of a brand in social media. They allow businesses to target the most specific group of consumers in a closed niche.

By understanding the power of blogs and harnessing it to its optimum level, blog marketing has provided huge exposure in a market that was impossible to tap with traditional media. It has opened the market possibilities beyond geographical boundaries. Blogs have become a good medium for those businesses which normally don’t have direct communication with their client base. It helps build business a relationship with their customers and encourages the user and the business to start a conversation on multiple viewpoints and agendas. Blogs help to create participation and interaction which difficult in one way media where only business provides information and are not able to get any feedback directly from the users.

Beyond delivering a message to consumers and building perception, blogs help to promote the business sites in search engine ranking as blogs are updated frequently making it easier for search engine bots to crawl the updated sites. Blogs have been known to have a strong search engine optimization presence due to its clean format. Blogs also have the capacity to reach every subscribers inbox without the user accessing them, this makes blogs more powerful in direct marketing.

One can only see its results if you actively involve yourself in blog marketing. For more help visit to:, are you going to use blogs as a marketing tool for your brand? Use it and see how it helps you create a sensation in your niche.

Blogs Help to Promote the Business Site

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>The Pros and Cons of Blogging: – Your Career Direction and Path


Blogging has become an impulsive contemporary art for careerists. Should you develop your own blog or shouldn’t you. Will it help or hurt your career? Let me present this canvas to you as a primer of sorts to think about this issue.
Much of my career practice and coaching involves an organizing thought: It’s your worklife mission, your vision. For years I coached and, some would say, admonished my clients to take ownership of their career paths as they work for someone else. When you do not own the business, one of the greatest ways you can help or hurt your career centers around your own online and offline reputation. With so many choices and so much information at the click of a computer key we may feel information overload no matter what our career field might be. We may also feel empowered to create or destroy.
What’s easy can be fun or dangerous. In a matter of minutes you can set up your Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or related blog site. And the minute you post? Your words can be accessed by billions of people around the world. No Web designer needs to be hired. No technical guru at x dollars an hour has to listen to and potentially kill your ideas. You own this medium. You have freedom. You can say or site anything. There’s no waste of time and no need to white-board everyone else’s ideas.
It’s so easy but don’t let the impulsive ease of blogging let you forget about the eyes that watch your art, your views, your passions, protests, observations and objections.
How might this medium help – or hurt – your career direction and path?
How it can help:
1. You have an audience. Keep it positive.
Blogging may add to the company’s brand and your position as an authority or subject matter expert within your company or your field. Jane S. worked at a powerful, regional advertising company. She cleared her personal blog through her boss, her boss’ boss and her company human resources department. They said she didn’t have to but with my advice she did. During a recession she has received two promotions and her blog has since been incorporated into the main site of the corporation because of its powerful, business development prowess. She says, Now 40 percent of my time is incorporating my personal brand or blog into the company’s brand with the complete blessing of the executive team.
2. Paint the right picture. Drive customer confidence.
As you cite critical sources and make intelligent, important observations your personal blog augments your position within your company and promotes your company. You never bash your company. You can be yourself and be authentic. James P., a salesman, asked for permission from his company to comment on his business travels and business adventures as a technology sales consultant Customers love the funny, idiosyncratic stories. James says, My blog has been a business generator for the company and earned me four speaking engagements on behalf of the company and four speaking engagements locally that were sponsored by local sales networking organizations. I can’t believe it. It’s made me kind of recession-proof in my career. His first book is being self-published and his company uses him to teach and train all new sales personnel.
3. Get a raise and a promotion. Defend the faith.
Blogging helps you document and publish your ideas while associating with great people. Again, Alice P. published her blog under a pseudonym two years ago. Today she has kept the quirky observations about life, travel, art and kids quite eclectic. Her blogging has incorporated funny observations about office life without offending anyone at work. It’s been serialized by the company and referred to. The CEO thought her site should be commented on, featured and linked to by the company to help with esprit de corps. Alice states, “Now I have an in-house company editor who helps me promote and publish my blog. We’ve added videos and more fun stuff. The company pays me monthly. She keeps her comments happy, funny and still personal.
How blogs can hurt:
1. One small step. Negative posts can be fatal.
Blogging can open you up for many legal, liability and employment questions, problems or crises. Last year, Jim C. came to me after he had posted a rather nasty post on his Top Ten Worst Retailers in the World blog. His company did business with two of those retailers and as nosy or highly sensitive corporate personnel found out about his lambaste it caused a rift at the company. According to Jim, This year for other reasons I was let go. It was not the economy. I crossed the line.
2. Pictures tell a thousand stories.
Larry seemed to pipe up at work a lot about things that bothered him. So he decided to publish a seemingly anonymous blog. As a techy he posted hundreds of comments on political ideas, people he thought should be impeached and railed against what he considered bad taste and fashion. He did this anonymously under a lot of different names. But when he decided to take pictures at the year end Christmas party and publish captions that offended nearly everyone, he was, well, suspended without pay forever (fired).
3. Beautiful art can be destroyed.
Craig became disillusioned after an 18-year career. Nearing retirement, his company had promoted three people younger than him to the technology director level. Years ago he had engineered their Web presence. Knowing that having no blog presence left his company vulnerable, he found it increasingly interesting and titillating when he created a blog presence, added negative comments to company products and dumped a list of customer complaints onto the proverbial, anonymous, the site a former employee developed to stick it to the man. Under pressure, the author faced legal entanglements and gave up Craig’s name as a blogger. Now Craig is in litigation. It’s not looking good.
Imagine you’re an artist like Michelangelo dipping brush to paint; a seemingly limitless creative well. You’re halfway done with your masterpiece, the signature of your worklife and rather spiritual mission. As you take your impossible position on the scaffold to paint more of the Sistine Chapel you have a thought. Imagine you could destroy your Sistine Chapel with one strike of the match. Like the great artist, blogging can help you take ownership of your career and worklife vision. Of course, it can also be just for fun too. But let’s also realize you, like the great artist, have the power to create or destroy your career future with just a few strokes or decisions.
Make sure you know your audience and you understand the potential impact of your newly minted blog posts. It could make a lasting impression and a permanently positive or negative impact on your career picture. Paint yours. Paint it well.

The Pros and Cons of Blogging: – Your Career Direction and Path