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>Android Gains Market Share On All Other Smartphone Platforms [REPORT]


According to comScore’s latest analysis of the U.S. mobile market, Android has grown significantly in the period from February to May 2010, while all other major operating systems experienced a drop in their market share.

In this period, RIM was still the leading mobile smartphone platform, dropping from 42.1% to 41.7% market share. It was followed by Apple which somewhat surprisingly dropped from 25.4% to 24.4% and Microsoft which dropped from 15.1% to 13.2%. Android was fourth on the list, but it rose from 9% to 13% market share in this same period. It was followed by Palm which dropped from 5.4% to 4.8% market share.

One has to take into account that these numbers are relative; most smartphone platforms actually gained subscribers as the smartphone market overall grew 8.1%, with 49.1 million people in the U.S. owning smartphones during this period. Still, Android is growing faster – much faster – than its competitors at this point.

As far as top mobile manufacturers go, Samsung grabbed the first place, growing from 21.4% to 22.4% market share. It was followed by LG, RIM, Motorola and Nokia, all of which lost a small chunk of their share, with the exception of RIM which grew from 8.2% to 8.7%.

See comScore’s report here.

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Android Gains Market Share On All Other Smartphone Platforms [REPORT]

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>How to get free ringtones on a Blackberry?


I just got a new Blackberry tour today and it’s the first blackberry ive’ ever owned. How do i get FREE ringtones for it? What site do i go to?

Best reply by Violet:

just use a FREE site called Ventones
to download or make any ringtone you want

its the best of all the sites

How to get free ringtones on a Blackberry?

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>How to use my Blackberry Bold 9700 as a modem for my laptop?


Im going away for the week on Monday and it would be good if i could take my laptop away with me and be able to connect to the net!
I have a blackberry bold 9700 unlimited internet on orange and ive heard you can use it as a dongle?

Very appreciated if anyone can help me!!!!

Best reply by Emily:

Look at this article, and don’t forget to skim through comments if you run into trouble.

How to use my Blackberry Bold 9700 as a modem for my laptop?

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>How can have the blackberry 9700 user interface on a different BLACKBERRY?


I have the blackberry 8330 from boost mobile. I just don’t like the UI on the 8330. So can any of you tech savvy people around here help me. So my question is can it be done and how.

Best reply by Greg Santos:

There is no way you can have an exact replica of the Blackberry 9700 user interface on your Blackberry 8330.

What you can first do is upgrade the operating system on your 8330 and see if you are satisfied with the interface. If you would like to take an extra plunge into beta operating systems which tend to yield better performance and occasionally some extra goodies please feel free to do so at your own discretion but you may want to review your contract with Boost Mobile just in case. And if you would like to take an even deeper plunge go for hybrids that are created by putting different aspects of different operating systems build by 3rd party developers. Go to for more information on betas and hybrids along with other goodies for your blackberry.

Another option is to download a theme for your Blackberry from an app store or through an over-the-air download link.

How can have the blackberry 9700 user interface on a different BLACKBERRY?

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>How do i find my Blackberry 8900 device password?


I am attempting to back up my Blackberry 8900 using the latest desktop manager software. I am asked for device password. I have entereed my account password plus my phone password. Both of these have not been accepted. How do i find my Blackberry 8900 device password?

Best reply by Computer Guy13:

last four digits of your phone number might work or call your service provider and it is possible that they can reset your device password

How do i find my Blackberry 8900 device password?

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>How do you connect a blackberry curve to the internet without using wifi?


Ive recently bought my blackberry curve and can only connect to my wifi. How do i connect to the internet when i am out and about?

Best reply by aimee.:

i think you need a network key or something like that.

How do you connect a blackberry curve to the internet without using wifi?

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>How well does the Blackberry pearl work when flashed to cricket?


I am thinking about flashing over a Verizon blackberry pearl to cricket and had a few questions.
1) How well does a flashed blackberry pearl work?
2) will it force my family to change the plan that it is on?
Any more info that you know on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

Best reply by larrymcp:

I don’t have a Blackberry, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to warn you off of Cricket. I signed up with Cricket just 3 months ago, and WOW, I’m already thinking of leaving. Cricket has been almost laughably horrible; I mean you could make a sitcom about how bad it is.

They routinely overbill me, so I have to call customer service to get it corrected… but their customer service staff doesn’t have the ability to fix the billing problem. Also, their voice-mail system keeps deleting my messages before I’ve heard them, and I’ve called customer service for that problem (many times), but they don’t have the ability to fix that either.

Cricket is so bad, it’s almost funny. I would say, no-go on the Cricket.

To read hundreds of other similar stories, you can Google “Cricket Wireless Problems” and that’ll probably scare you off for good.

How well does the Blackberry pearl work when flashed to cricket?

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>How to add an exsisting blackberry email account to my blackberry?


I accidentatly deleted my blackberry email account (on my blackberry storm 9530). I went to email settings, and deleted it, Now when I try to set it up it tells me my passowrd or email is invalid. I want to put my blackberry email account back on my blackberry. How do i do this?

Thanks in advance.

Best reply by AJ Franklin:

This question has probably been answered at in their forums. When you get to the page look for the pull-down that says Forums>Blackberry Device Help…> and use the search box to find your question/answer.

Seems like someone always knows what to do at that forum. Good Luck!

How to add an exsisting blackberry email account to my blackberry?

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>What blackberry is the cheapest on pay monthly?


I want to get one like blackberry curve 8520 or blackberry 8900, anything like these ones, i have £15 budget a month, as many texts as i can get minutes do not matter, and also free internet if possible, thanks.

Best reply by Chanel Cullen:

i think the 8520 is £20 a month on carphone warehouse or
but it’d be easier to get it on pay as you go as i think for blackberry services you pay a extra £5 a month which is the same as pay…go. on pay..go it is free for 6 months for anything else email me. my yahoo i.d is chanel.cullen

What blackberry is the cheapest on pay monthly?

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>Will My 02 simcard work in an unlocked blackberry and will all the features work?


I am considering purchasing an unlocked blackberry, I need to know if my 02 contract simcard will work in the phone? and will all the features especially IM work and be free of charge?

Best reply by everton:

Yes you can use the O2 sim card in the unlocked Blackberry. You can also buy the blackberry phone in contract and get unlocked through unlock codes. I got my bb9000 phone from vodafone and get it unlocked in took about 10 minutes and their support staff was very helpful.

Will My 02 simcard work in an unlocked blackberry and will all the features work?

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