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>What is the best MBA Course i should pick if i want to be an equity trader?


Can you get an internship in an investment bank as a associate equity trader while doing an MBA
Plus what kind of things do u do in an MBA
Lastly is it better to do an MBA or to do a masters in economics or finance

Best reply by Bella4You:

For trading, I’d say more focused degrees in Finance, Math, Science or Economics is ideal, since trading is a more technical job. I don’t believe an MBA will be very helpful for this type of job, unless you get into a top 5 progam and network.

You may want to visit a website called: or and get some feedback there. Intelligent posts, reap intelligent replies.

But no, you will not get an associate position without experience. Period. You might get a summer position, but it will be very difficult to get one at an Investment Bank. It really depends on what school you go to.

MBA programs are different, what you do in them will depend on the program and your focus.

What is the best MBA Course i should pick if i want to be an equity trader?

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